30 Oct

Windows 10 v1909 is Coming (November 2019 Update)

Windows 10 v1909 is arriving soon, and it comes with some few new features worth mentioning. The general availability of Windows 10 v1909 is imminent. As a regular practice, Kraft Kennedy monitors any immediate reported issues or hotfixes released prior to upgrading a production system. Over the coming months, as we review and build confidence Read more…

20 Dec

From Retinal Scans to Chips: Behind-the-Scenes Security is Taking Hold

When cybersecurity first emerged as a pressing issue almost a decade ago, law firms began to implement safeguards to protect their clients’ data. Many of these early efforts led to headaches and complaints. There were more steps needed to log on, longer passwords to remember, and less freedom to install applications. But security has evolved, Read more…

27 Nov

Office 365 Shortcut Name Change

A client firm experienced an issue with a broken Start Menu after updating Office 365 clients. The firm had several Office applications such as Word, Excel, and OneNote pinned to the Start Menu and Taskbar. After looking into the issue, I found that the new Office365 ProPlus version changed the shortcut names from Excel 2016.lnk to Excel.lnk. That Read more…

04 Oct

Dispatch from Orlando: Takeaways from Microsoft Ignite 2018

Our field team returned from Microsoft Ignite with this digest of key takeaways. Teams Microsoft Teams is getting a lot of air time this year. When selecting sessions, we thought we saw more sessions on Teams than on anything else, even Exchange. Teams is undergoing a fundamental shift. Microsoft is repositioning it as the default Read more…

24 May

Here’s What’s New in the Windows 10 Spring Creator’s Update

The Spring Creator’s update was finally released on April 30. Formerly called Windows 10 1803 and expected on April 10, the new version was allegedly postponed due to Microsoft’s last-minute discovery of a significant bug. Whatever turmoil occurred behind the scenes to cause the delay, this version officially succeeds Windows 10 1709, which will reach Read more…

29 Mar

Windows 10 KB Bug – Notification to Update to The Latest Version

Note: The issue and resolution are still being reviewed. Here is what we know so far: We have been informed by multiple clients that they are seeing the following message stating, “Your device needs the latest security updates”. This prompt is being generated on Windows 10 machines with builds prior to v1709 after 2 specific Read more…

22 Feb

Do You See What I See? A Preview of Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer for Windows 10 Telemetry

Over the last few releases of Windows 10 there have been questions and, to some extent, concerns about the telemetry that Windows 10 gathers and relays back to Microsoft. Last year Microsoft released more details about the data collected from the early versions of Windows 10. With the release of Creators Update, Microsoft provided more Read more…

31 Jan

Why Doesn’t UE-V Like My Slideshow?

I came upon an interesting situation recently during a Windows 10 upgrade project. A pilot user on a new Windows 10 desktop reported that they changed their desktop background to a photo slideshow, but each time they logged in the wallpaper reverted to a single static picture. I investigated the most typical potential causes and Read more…

21 Nov

Using The MBR2GPT Conversion Tool

A few weeks ago I was tasked with troubleshooting an issue that a firm was experiencing with its newly imaged Windows 10 workstations. Upon every reboot, the workstation would prompt for the Bitlocker Recovery Key. Anyone familiar with Bitlocker knows what a pain it is to have to enter the 48-digit recovery key once, let Read more…

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