25 Mar

How to disable and control Shut Down / Sleep functions in Windows

How to disable Windows Shut Down

We are seeing technicians make avoidable trips into offices in order to power-on PCs that have been shutdown or put to sleep accidentally. It can happen when a firm’s remote access strategy includes allowing users to connect to their in-office Windows workstation, via technologies such as Microsoft Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, or TeamViewer. A question Read more…

27 Jun

Microsoft Subscription Licensing Explained 2019 [UPDATED]

Last summer, we posted an article called “What’s Really Included in the Four Microsoft Subscription Licensing Plans?” summarizing the features and prices of the many confusing Microsoft subscription licensing plans. Since then, it has not gotten any easier to understand the details of what’s included, what’s not included, and most importantly, which licenses are best Read more…

10 Apr

5 Ways to Know if You Are a Data Security Risk

When we help law firms implement security programs, we take the expected technical measures: we plug up holes in the network, apply encryption where necessary, install monitoring solutions, and so on. But the most important aspect of any security program, user training and awareness, is also the one that is hardest to control with any Read more…

01 Apr

Recommendation: Getting back to basics in 2019

Inspired by his beginnings as a practicing attorney, Kraft Kennedy co-founder Michael Kraft has decided to steer Kraft Kennedy with a “back-to-basics” methodology in 2019. We are pleased to formally announce our new initiative Pad and Paper. ™ “It just makes life easier,” said Mr. Kraft. “Sure, there’s a lot of paper involved and it Read more…

22 Jan

What’s Your Score? Microsoft is Giving Out a Detailed Cybersecurity Assessment

The number-one question we’ve received from inquiring law firms over the past two years has been, ‘How can I tell if my firm is safe?’ Our best suggestion? Test yourself! Take this cybersecurity assessment. You may have checked off your security to-do’s, patched and updated, and escaped harm in 2018, but that doesn’t mean you’re Read more…

29 Nov

SECURITY AWARENESS: Top 10 Security Threats for Users During the Holidays

We’d like to share some helpful safety tips from our Security Awareness partner, Knowbe4 1. Phishing scams are skyrocketing, especially driven by deals and rebate offers. Don’t open any attachments or click on links appearing to be from trusted vendors you shop with. Go directly to the website of the vendor looking for the sales Read more…

14 Nov

How to Prevent SSD Hardware Encryption in Your Task Sequence

By now a lot of us have heard of the SSD hardware encryption issue that’s been reported on the blogosphere and confirmed by Microsoft. If your physical hard drive supports hardware encryption, Microsoft will use it by default–and therein lies the problem. The hardware encryption method is potentially less secure than software encryption via BitLocker. Read more…

11 Oct

Kraft Kennedy University 2018 Preview

For those who don’t know, KKU was born out of an annual company-wide educational conference that we have been holding internally for twenty years. Realizing the immense value we receive from the event, we decided to open the doors to our partners and peers. We are thrilled to be hosting our second KKU in New Read more…

04 Sep

What’s Really Included in the Four Microsoft Subscription Licensing Plans?

What’s the Difference Between Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security? The subscription-based licensing model is full-speed ahead. Have you gotten on board yet? You probably haven’t purchased music in years, but instead subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify. You probably don’t pay for shipping, but instead subscribe to Amazon Read more…

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