25 Feb

Downtime with Sean Mullan: On Security Audits and Being a Sucker for Watches

Sean Mullan Kraft Kennedy

Sean reveals his true passion, his client’s biggest challenges, and his most treasured possession.

28 Jan

Downtime with Brian Podolsky: On 80-Hour Work Weeks and the Beauty of New Jersey

Brian chats about making people’s jobs easier, add-ins that need to go, and why he’s still thinking about the wallet he lost in 2006.

08 Jan

Downtime with Sulabh Upadhyaya: On Freeing Users and Big Bang Moments

Sulabh shares with us his career wisdom, DJ name, and favorite ambiguous catchall phrase.

20 Nov

Downtime with Ticho Medrano: On Specialty Cheese and Breakdancing

An interview in which Ticho Medrano, Network Engineer, reveals his b-boy name and other things we didn’t know about him

05 Nov

Downtime with Amanda Saxe: On Human Error and Long Walks with Her Dog

Welcome to Downtime, our new interview series spotlighting the people of Kraft Kennedy. We talk a lot about technology here. We figured it’s about time to focus on the humans who make it work. The questions below are a mix of the professional and personal, musings on the information age as well as things we Read more…