As strategic consultants, we can help you set the right goals.

As technical consultants, we’ll show you how to reach them.


img-1Kraft Kennedy is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with expertise in technology and management consulting, technology strategies, application specialties, technology infrastructure, managed services and proactive support. Combining this knowledge, our focused teams are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients.

With 30 years’ experience, we have learned that the key to successful IT is to focus as much on the business needs of the client as on technology.


aboutWe are an interdisciplinary team of systems engineers, management consultants, process specialists, and project managers who focus exclusively on meeting your business and technological needs. Our team includes experienced lawyers, CIOs, executive directors, and IT managers.


Kraft Kennedy consultants have the singularly deep expertise and the wide breadth of experience to help your firm meet its business goals. We form focused teams for every project that are dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients with custom solutions.

Core Values

Continuous Learning

We evolve our skills, keep current on the research, and stay ahead of the technology in our fields. Our approach is one of adaptability.


The Kraft Kennedy culture strongly emphasizes honesty in word and deed. We do the right thing.

Client Service

We follow up on issues thoroughly, listen carefully to clients, and speak to them about complex issues in understandable terms.


Our ethos is all about responsibility, accountability, and follow-through. We work until the job is done.


As team members our goal is to work selflessly for the mutual cause, keep fellow team members informed, and always be ready to help.


Communication, responsiveness, and technical knowledge are top priorities. We aim to exceed client expectation on every project and support engagement.