28 May

How to Respond to Security Audits: For Small and Mid-Sized Firms

Security Audits Trouble Small Law Firms As cybersecurity audits from corporate clients become commonplace, smaller firms are feeling the brunt. “Now they want screenshots.” “Longtime clients are asking for them.” “There’s just no way.” These were some of the things we heard recently in conversations at a conference for leaders of small law firms. Security Read more…

12 May

What is Azure Information Protection (AIP)?

Though iterations of the solution have existed for a few years now, I predict that Azure Information Protection is about to catch on as the leading information rights management solution. What is Azure Information Protection (AIP)? Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection is a cloud-based information rights management solution that protects your documents wherever they go, in Read more…

07 May

My WiFi – My Rules!

how to get more bandwidth

More people at home full time means more people using the internet which translates to less bandwidth per person. Some days, it may feel like your connection is slower than usual. Is it because the kids are streaming an HD movie or playing Call of Duty online with four hundred of their closest friends, both Read more…

06 May

Creating a Second Monitor at Home

how to create a second monitor

I was complaining about a viewer on a particular periodical site resulting in my inability to easily read certain articles. While the grievance was legitimate, the problem fell to me to address. I didn’t have large screen monitor at home. For level setting purposes, I am really a basic user who happens to be offered Read more…

30 Apr

Microsoft Subscription Licensing – 2020 Update

Understanding Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft is making changes to its subscription licensing plans. OK, that’s not actually news, as Microsoft frequently makes changes, adding new plans, adding products, and changing the included features. All of that is expected and normal. In April 2020, however, Microsoft changed the name of many of its subscription plans. Understanding Microsoft subscription plans can Read more…

23 Apr

Tips for Managing the Remote Workforce

remote work

Working remotely is not a new concept, but in the recent weeks, it has been one of the only methods to keep many businesses afloat. The Coronavirus has directly impacted how we live and how we work. We hope that the chaos will calm down soon, but until then, we wanted to provide a few Read more…

14 Apr

Teams and Chat Fun with a Windows 10 Trick

With the new normal we now find ourselves in, many law firms and organizations are either implementing or planning to implement Microsoft Teams to improve the experience of attorneys and staff working from home. If your firm is doing this, you are in for a treat. Kraft Kennedy has used Teams for a long time Read more…

08 Apr

Update v2002 for MECM

Update v2002 for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) current branch is now available. Microsoft has just released the latest Current Branch version of MECM, v2002, on April 1st. As a reminder, starting with the last release of SCCM, Microsoft transitioned the name from SCCM to MECM as a newly branded suite. Thus going forward SCCM Read more…

07 Apr

Downtime with Mike Walls: On Windows 95, The Army and a Perfect Sunday

project management expert

Mike Walls is the Practice Leader for Kraft Kennedy’s Project Management Group. Heading up a team of Project Management experts, Mike’s practice group works with personnel to structure approaches tailored to a firm’s needs and culture by delivering just enough project management. Downtime is our interview series spotlighting the people of Kraft Kennedy. What is the story behind how you Read more…

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