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2018 Recap: Our Most Read Posts

Kraft Kennedy

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As 2018 draws to a close (2019 seems like a highly futuristic figure, doesn’t it?), let’s take a look back at our most popular posts and see if there are any conclusions to be drawn about the trends, developments, and innovations in the industry this year.


Microsoft Releases Fix for Outlook Graphical Issues

In May, Microsoft finally released a patch for an issue that had long been bugging us. Our readers must have felt triumphant, as this was 2018’s most read post.



Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.0 to 7.13 End of Life

Virtualization whiz Jeff Silverman wrote, “Regardless of servicing option, once a version of 7.x is deployed, the upgrade to a newer 7.x version is straightforward. With that in mind, note that XenApp and XenDesktop versions 7.0 through 7.13 will reach End of Life on June 30, 2018.”

Indeed, 2018 was in some ways the year of impending-deadline anxiety In the IT world, we can expect 2019 and especially 2020, to intensify the panic, as the 2020 deadlines draw close.

Facing upgrades, many of our clients find themselves at a crossroads — will they make the move to the cloud or a hybrid environment with the update?



What’s Really Included in the Four Microsoft Subscription Licensing Plans?

Many of our readers tuned in to Rich Conway’s helpful explanation of Microsoft’s subscription licensing plans. Licensing has long been a source of confusion, and the introduction to the subscription model hasn’t helped matters.


June Exchange Updates Include Important Changes for Legacy Versions and Planned Upgrades

With this release of important updates, we effectively said goodbye to Exchange 2013, which entered extended support in April 2018.


3 NetDocuments 18.1 Features We’re Excited About

The blog wasn’t all doom-and-gloom end-of-life warnings this year. We were also excited by the innovations we were seeing in many spaces, including content management. Amanda Saxe wrote enthusiastically about NetDocuments 18.1, which will allow you to search for checked-out documents “finally!!”



Goodbye, MSI: Initial Thoughts on Microsoft Office 2019

Speaking of buzz-worthy new releases, CIO Marcus Bluestein got a glimpse at Office 2019 in the spring, and our readers were curious to know his thoughts. You can now fully explore the new features of the suite, which came out this fall.



Top 3 Takeaways From ILTACON 2018

As always, Kraft Kennedy has a big presence at ILTACON. The conversation this year revolved around security, cloud adoption, and optimizing user experience.



New Outlook Feature Warns About Bcc When You Reply All

Perhaps remembering an embarrassing incident first hand, many of you were interested in Marcus’s announcement about this new Outlook feature.




A Review of The New Office Customization Tool for Click-to-Run

Lastly, Sulabh’s review of the Office Customization Tool for Click-to-Run garnered a good deal of interest. Sulabh wrote, “My hopes were high that we could finally customize Click-to-Run the same way OCT had allowed us to for so many years.” Alas, he was disappointed.