25 Jun

OAuth? Oh yes! Modern Authentication will be required for Exchange Online, so get ready

modern authentication microsoft exchange

Many firms and organizations (including Kraft Kennedy!) have embraced Exchange Online over the past five years. Not worrying about on-premises Exchange storage and redundancy is often reason-enough for firms to make the jump. However the change to the cloud brings with it security concerns as any integrated application must now connect over the internet to Read more…

03 Apr

Precautions When Using Zoom

dangers of zoom

With the sudden increase in the use of Zoom, we are also seeing a significant rise in cyber security incidents associated with the platform. One alarming trend has been termed “Zoom Bombing”, and involves unwanted people joining and interfering in private meetings. Hackers that enter a meeting may do more than disrupt the meeting. As a Read more…

01 Apr

Microsoft Teams Tour

What is Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

11 Feb

How to Schedule Meetings in Microsoft Teams

Scheduling Meetings in Microsoft Teams

We’ve written before about Microsoft’s ambitious vision to move certain functions of Outlook to Teams, and we’ve been exploring the idea internally to see how viable this is for our clients. In our latest experiment, we schedule meetings in Microsoft Teams.

15 Aug

Choose Your Own Adventure: ILTACON 2019 Preview Digest

With a focus on cloud, security, and automation, the ILTACON 2019 session grid looks especially promising–and potentially overwhelming. How can you make the most of the conference? Over twenty years of ILTACON have taught us to think about our goals and plan ahead accordingly. Consider what you would like to get out of ILTACON 2019. Read more…

24 Jul

ILTACON 2019 Preview: Infrastructure Edition

August is approaching and everyone knows that means one thing. It’s time to gather in a sweltering city, seeking refuge from the oppressive heat in an air-conditioned conference center and, while we’re there, learn what is going on in the world of legal IT at ILTACON 2019. Personally, I like to look at the session Read more…

26 Jun

Announcing Another Microsoft Gold Competency: Cloud Platform

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved a Microsoft Gold competency in Cloud Platform. The Gold competency speaks to the high level of expertise we have reached in Azure over years of dedicated work and research. We have been testing and implementing the platform since it first appeared on the market. Today we Read more…

10 Jun

Citrix Synergy 2019 Highlights

The Citrix Synergy 2019 conference in Atlanta was as big as ever, and as usual Kraft Kennedy sent a team of technical consultants to ensure we had the ground covered. Couldn’t make it? No worries. We’ve done our best to pare down a ton of content to the topics most relevant to law firms. You Read more…

03 May

Mobile Telephony in Microsoft Teams

In the last entry of this series, I’m going to give a short overview of telephony in Microsoft Teams. For in-depth information on Teams, download the white paper below. Click here to read my previous posts about collaboration, chat apps, and enhanced instant messaging. Telephony in Microsoft Teams can provide dial-tone voice service to firms Read more…

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