New Outlook Feature Warns About Bcc When You Reply All

In 2002, Kraft Kennedy developed and released an Outlook add-on called ezBCC. The point of this application was to warn users who were about to hit Reply All that they were bcc’ed on the message, helping them to avoid inadvertently revealing their bcc status, thereby creating a potentially uncomfortable situation. We left the development business a few years after that, but this feature was sometimes included in other, more robust, solutions.

In the March 27, 2018 feature update (Version 1803, Build 9126.2116), Microsoft has finally added this feature to Outlook 2016. It is currently only available in Office ProPlus, which is part of Office 365, but I expect that it will be released in a future patch or in Office 2019 for volume license installations.

This is, technically, not a MailTip. MailTips are ultimately controlled by the back-end Exchange environment and integrated with Outlook via EWS. This is purely Outlook functionality. In the past, OWA could warn for bcc but the feature has not made it to Outlook until now.



If you are curious about the feature updates in Office ProPlus, you can read about them here.