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Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.0 to 7.13 End of Life

Jeff Silverman

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In June 2013, XenDesktop 7.0 introduced the long-awaited consolidation of XenApp 6.5 (used exclusively to deliver server-based desktops and applications) and XenDesktop 5.5 (used exclusively to deliver VDI desktops), providing customers with the flexibility to deliver a variety of resources from a common access and management framework. Since then, version 7.x has seen a steady stream of improvements in installation and configuration, management and administration, hypervisor and cloud deployment, client support, protocol enhancements, and more.

Along the way, Citrix also introduced two different servicing options:

Long Term Service Release (LTSR)

  • Currently version 7.15 Cumulative Update 2
  • 5 years mainstream support (requires current Customer Success Services)
  • 5 years of extended support (requires purchase of extended support contract)
  • Clear, predictable guidance on releases
  • Cumulative updates every 4-6 months

Current Release (CR)

  • Currently version 7.18
  • Standard product lifecycle milestones
  • Provides access to the latest features and enhancements
  • Release every 3-9 months

Regardless of servicing option, once a version of 7.x is deployed, the upgrade to a newer 7.x version is straightforward. With that in mind, note that XenApp and XenDesktop versions 7.0 through 7.13 will reach End of Life on June 30, 2018.

Citrix specifies that End of Life means:

The date that signifies when technical support and product downloads will no longer be available. Technical support for issues will be limited to information contained in the Citrix Knowledge Center and Support Forums. If the issues cannot be corrected through this method, then an upgrade path or migration to the latest version or product replacement is recommended.

Do you have one of those versions deployed? We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.