25 Mar

How to disable and control Shut Down / Sleep functions in Windows

How to disable Windows Shut Down

We are seeing technicians make avoidable trips into offices in order to power-on PCs that have been shutdown or put to sleep accidentally. It can happen when a firm’s remote access strategy includes allowing users to connect to their in-office Windows workstation, via technologies such as Microsoft Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, or TeamViewer. A question Read more…

16 Mar

WARNING… The Dangers of Using a VPN on a Home Computer

dangers of VPN from home computer

As firms gear up for an increase of users working from home, it is important to ensure that security protocols are in place. While remote access technologies, including virtual private network (VPN) capability, allow remote connection to firm resources, it is essential to understand that some remote access methods are laden with potential security risks. Read more…

04 Mar

Working from Home During the COVID-19 Coronavirus

work from home during coronavirus

Are you ready to work from home during the coronavirus? Is your firm prepared to operate despite the risks posed by COVID-19? As the United States braces for a potential outbreak, ask yourself these three questions to assess if you have the necessary preparations for ongoing productivity. Is your staff equipped to work remotely? All Read more…

25 Feb

Downtime with Sean Mullan: On Security Audits and Being a Sucker for Watches

Sean Mullan Kraft Kennedy

Sean reveals his true passion, his client’s biggest challenges, and his most treasured possession.

13 Feb

Microsoft Cancels Microsoft Search in Bing Extension for Chrome

Microsoft Search in Bing Extension

Microsoft has listened to customer feedback and reversed its plan to change default search browsers to Bing upon installation of Office 365 ProPlus. The Microsoft Search in Bing Extension will now be optional. The plan was to, in an upcoming version of an Office 365 patch (2002 specifically), install a Google Chrome extension that would Read more…

11 Feb

How to Schedule Meetings in Microsoft Teams

Scheduling Meetings in Microsoft Teams

We’ve written before about Microsoft’s ambitious vision to move certain functions of Outlook to Teams, and we’ve been exploring the idea internally to see how viable this is for our clients. In our latest experiment, we schedule meetings in Microsoft Teams.

05 Feb

New in NetDocuments: What Are Dynamic Attributes and Collabspaces?

Your firm should consider two new features in NetDocuments: Dynamic Attributes and Collabspaces.

28 Jan

Downtime with Brian Podolsky: On 80-Hour Work Weeks and the Beauty of New Jersey

Brian chats about making people’s jobs easier, add-ins that need to go, and why he’s still thinking about the wallet he lost in 2006.

22 Jan

New York’s Updated SHIELD Act: Data Security Laws Grow Bolder

Perhaps most interesting, the law allows fines simply because an entity does not have reasonable data safeguards in place, even if no breach has actually occurred.

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