27 Nov

Howdy…In Tribute to Rob Brindell

We are deeply saddened to share the news of Rob Brindell’s passing on 11/17. Rob has been a cornerstone of the Kraft Kennedy family for more than twenty-three years. His dedication, warmth, caring, and sensitivity were boundless. No one was immune from his ability to draw people in and make them friends. Rob’s famous sense Read more…

27 Nov

Office 365 Shortcut Name Change

A client firm experienced an issue with a broken Start Menu after updating Office 365 clients. The firm had several Office applications such as Word, Excel, and OneNote pinned to the Start Menu and Taskbar. After looking into the issue, I found that the new Office365 ProPlus version changed the shortcut names from Excel 2016.lnk to Excel.lnk. That Read more…

20 Nov

Highlights from NetDocuments ndElevate 2018

At over 8,000 feet above sea level, the air was crisp and thin in Utah. Sometimes it was downright freezing. A few times there was snow in the air. But inside the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, the annual NetDocuments ndElevate conference was warm and full of educational sessions and panels with customers and Read more…

14 Nov

How to Prevent SSD Hardware Encryption in Your Task Sequence

By now a lot of us have heard of the SSD hardware encryption issue that’s been reported on the blogosphere and confirmed by Microsoft. If your physical hard drive supports hardware encryption, Microsoft will use it by default–and therein lies the problem. The hardware encryption method is potentially less secure than software encryption via BitLocker. Read more…

14 Nov

Security Alert: BleedingBit Affects Cisco, Meraki, Aruba Access Points

A newly discovered vulnerability called BleedingBit makes it possible for hackers to infiltrate enterprise networks undetected. The exploit, which was discovered by the security firm Armis, affects BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) chips made by Texas Instruments (TI). These TI chips are found in equipment made by Cisco, Meraki, and Aruba, companies that make up the Read more…

07 Nov

How Should I Throw Out My Laptop? A Guide to Securely Discarding Computers, Smartphones, and Other Electronics

I have a friend who once wanted to dispose of a laptop that contained sensitive documents. He soaked it in a bathtub overnight and, to be extra safe, took the train uptown and threw it out in what seemed like an obscure dumpster. Not long after his trip, he received an email from a student Read more…

07 Nov

Ensuring Your Sensitive Emails Don’t Go to the Wrong Place

That unpleasant rush of adrenaline you get when you realize you’ve sent an email to the wrong address–we’ve all felt it. Sometimes these mistakes can be worse than embarrassing. They can be dangerous. This article by Workshare and Kraft Kennedy first appeared in the New York State Bar Association Journal, September 2018, published by the Read more…

06 Nov

Blockchain and the Future of Smart Contracts

This article by Nina Lukina first appeared in the New York State Bar Association Journal, June 2018, published by the New York State Bar Association, One Elk Street, Albany, NY 12207. What is blockchain? You may have heard that blockchain technology is about to “disrupt” industries as diverse as music, banking, automotive engineering, and law. For Read more…

24 Oct

KKU New York Recap

Kraft Kennedy University New York has left us excitedly looking forward to what enterprise technology will bring in the next year. As we gathered with tech and business leaders to talk tech, a few predominant themes emerged. (Did you miss the conference? Find the presentations here.)                   Read more…

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