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Risky Business: ChatGPT in the Workplace

Ricky Carr

2 min read

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While AI platforms such as ChatGPT are transforming the way we communicate, learn, and do business, they also pose major security risks.

ChatGPT aggregates data from various sources and uses that data to learn and improve. When you enter something into ChatGPT, it becomes part of the global ChatGPT knowledge base. If you enter sensitive information such as client data or trade secrets into ChatGPT, that information becomes openly available to all other ChatGPT users. In short – ChatGPT is not confidential. This is clearly untenable for businesses.

At Kraft Kennedy, security is at the forefront of everything we do. Our AI adoption strategy is no exception. To address ChatGPT’s confidentiality issues, we look to Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise – a licensed alternative to ChatGPT. Though Bing Chat Enterprise and ChatGPT share backend technology, there are a few major differences, most notably that Bing Chat Enterprise is isolated within our M365 tenant. This means Bing Chat only reasons over our data and does not share that data with the world at large. Bing includes extensive security, this Microsoft blog provides a deeper dive into the platform’s privacy and protections.

Another key component of our AI strategy is employee education. People are going to use AI at work – helping them understand the potential repercussions of sharing data with AI platforms and offering them clear instructions for a safer alternative drastically reduces the risk to the organization. Blocking ChatGPT from network and devices is feasible if our users have an appreciation for the security benefits of Bing Chat Enterprise as the alternative.

By establishing an appreciation of the risks associated with AI, acknowledging the benefits and providing an alternative program with a focus on data security, we can embrace innovation and empower our users to be trusted leaders in technology.

Wondering how you can safeguard your operations against AI risk? Speak with the experts at Kraft Kennedy.