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8 Common Misconceptions about Managed IT Services

Kraft Kennedy

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You spoke, we listened. We collected feedback about the misconceptions around Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and we’d like to take a moment to debunk the myths.

  1. “Long wait times and lack of knowledgeable technicians is an industry standard and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

    Our post-ticket satisfaction rating is 98%. We measure our performance by response time and satisfaction, not billable hours, so rest assured you’ll get the expert you need within minutes.

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  2. “All MSP’s require long-term contracts.”

    False, Kraft Kennedy offers month-to-month service contracts.

  3. “Small firms can’t afford industry-leading expertise.”

    The average size of our Managed Services clients is 65 users. We have a distinct business unit, our Support Practice Group, dedicated to supporting small and mid-sized firms on tight budgets.

  4. “A Managed Service Provider will replace your IT department.”

    Not us. Unlike other service providers, the Kraft Kennedy goal is to enable your IT staff to help them accomplish strategic initiatives, not replace them. If you don’t have dedicated IT staff, we have you covered. If you do, we’ll help you grow as partners rather than replacements.

  5. “Mom-and-pop shops offer the lowest prices.”

    While your local provider might have an attractive price point, you could end up bearing additional expenses due to band-aid service. Our team operates with the do-it-once, do-it-right expertise to keep overall costs low.

  6. “MSPs are only for helpdesk support.”

    Helpdesk support is critical when issues cause downtime, but at Kraft Kennedy, a comprehensive team of project engineers is at your disposal to achieve the long-term goals your C-Suite is striving for.

  7. “When an MSP says 24/7/365 support, you’ll be patched to a call center on weekends and holidays.”

    Not here. Kraft Kennedy is actively staffed every hour, every day, so you’ll get the white-glove service you deserve, even at 3am on New Years Eve.

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  9. “An MSP will cover your security needs, you don’t need an MSSP.”

    That’s just dangerous. A very firm grasp of the current threat landscape and how to protect technology assets, environments and clients is essential. An MSSP (Managed security service provider) focuses on providing security services, which is important for helping firms ensure their environment is as secure as possible. Kraft Kennedy’s MSSP monitors and remediates 24/7/365.



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