06 Nov

Now’s the Time to Plan Your iManage Work 10 Upgrade

In the nine months since iManage 10 was released, there’s been a lot of curiosity and excitement about the New Professional Experience and the new iManage Cloud. Whenever I demo the New Professional Experience, attorneys tell me it is very intuitive and they can see the value of using it in addition to the traditional Read more…

24 Aug

Takeaways from ILTACON 2017: ECM Edition

Wow. That may have been the most packed ILTACON I’ve ever attended. In my ILTACON Preview post last month, I highlighted more than a dozen educational and vendor sessions that I thought would be interesting.  I hope you caught them, because I think I barely went to more than two or three.  I’m looking forward to Read more…

24 Jan

Workshare Licensing Changes for 2017

As we enter the New Year, change comes along with it. Workshare is no exception and for 2017, there are some major changes as well involving EOL and rebranding of software packages. While many of you have received messages regarding this, we feel that it is necessary to reinforce that Workshare version 7.5 will no Read more…

17 Nov

iManage Introduces New Interface and Co-Authoring

It’s now been almost 18 months since iManage split from HP and took charge of its own direction. In that time, they’ve modernized the look and feel of the iManage 9.3 clients in ways that they hadn’t done in the previous five or six years under the Autonomy and HP bureaucracies. The freedom is there now Read more…

05 Apr

Microsoft Surface Pro Warranties Explained

Warranties can be confusing.  Kraft Kennedy’s Purchasing Group has spent a lot of time navigating them for our clients. Below is a breakdown of a complex warranty system that we know well, that of the Surface Pro. With the release of the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft officially renamed its extended accidental support to “Microsoft Complete for Business.” This program applies Read more…

14 Mar

How to Add an Image to Your iPhone E-mail Signature (iOS 9)

****UPDATE – Please note that this process has changed with the release of iOS 9.3 and no longer works as indicated below.   By default, the iPhone sends email using plain-text format, which does not support images (thus no images in signatures). Luckily, the last time we had to set this up we captured screenshots Read more…

22 Sep

What Happens When the Cloud Fails?

Customers of a major message hygiene vendor, including many law firms of all sizes, experienced an unexpected service outage recently. Affected firms were unable to send or receive email from the internet. The outage had attorneys and staff looking to their IT departments for guidance. The vendor did not handle this outage well. It provided clients with almost no Read more…

08 Sep

Intel RealSense 3D, the Camera That Works With Hello in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a new security feature, Hello, which is designed to simplify login while also heightening security, in contrast with many security features that are generally thought to add hassle by requiring users to go through additional steps before they can access their company systems. Hello requires special consideration during setup but once it’s in place you can use bio-metric, iris, facial recognition, or pin to log Read more…

03 Sep

The Best User-Facing Features in Worldox GX4

Implementing Worldox GX4 should be enticing to current and potential Worldox customers. The fresh, upgraded user-facing application retains its basic functions with a sleeker look. Added features reduce clicks and improve workflow without over-complicating or modifying the GX3 structure. While there are many changes from GX3 to GX4 to be discussed, I want to focus Read more…

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