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The Lawyer’s Copilot

Cynthia Riccolo

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The Lawyer’s Copilot

Imagine the advantage gained by a lawyer preparing for a case and having virtually instant access to the specific arguments used in similar cases and summaries of relevant laws? Consider the value of being able to ensure consistency across all documents. A tool designed to streamline workflow and increase productivity is gaining rapid adoption across law firms. Future focused organizations across the industry are leveraging Microsoft Copilot (a chatbot that was developed as a next iteration of the discontinued Cortana) to harness the power of AI. 

According to a Redress Compliance case study, Microsoft Copilot increased profitability by automating routine tasks such as email management, meeting efficiency, and data analysis.  The study compared two 1000 employee law firms and found that the firm using Copilot saved approximately 44,000 hours firmwide per month, equating to $13.2 million in potential revenue.   

In addition to increased efficiency and profitability, the legal industry is using AI to support secure data handling and improve productivity through integration with the other Microsoft 365 apps including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.    

Thomas Reuters also joined forces with Microsoft to deliver legal professionals a way to use Microsoft’s advanced AI for Word, to tap into Thomson Reuters’ wealth of legal tools and content to draft contracts 

Microsoft 365, formerly Microsoft Office, has universal adoption across productivity-focused industries, most law firms included. Copilot’s ability to integrate with the existing applications used for the practice of law makes it a natural fit for firms ready to leverage AI.

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