30 Jun

Apple Watch: A Worthy Smart Watch?

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post about my experience with the Pebble Steel smart watch. Now Apple has released its first take on the smart watch and, as with many Apple Products released in recent years, it’s positioned to crush the competition. However, just because Apple makes something,  doesn’t mean you should run out Read more…

26 Jan

Preparing for Events that Limit Access to Your Firm’s Office

From inclement weather to interruptions in transportation, events that keep you from getting to your office are bound to happen occasionally. It’s important for IT to make the proper preparations to keep everyone productive while working from home. Business continuity and disaster recovery technology (BC/DR) has made it possible for firms to continue working with minimal Read more…

23 Jan

Can We Stop Calling it a Smartphone Now?

Ever since the rise of the cell phone, the devices we carry in our pockets are increasingly more capable.  Devices that were capable of text messaging were followed by others that had embedded browsers and could access and render basic websites on the internet.  Once the iPhone and Android-based phones became available 7 years years Read more…

02 Sep

Kraft Kennedy’s New Open Floor Plan Is a Viable Option for Some Law Firms

At the start of the year, Kraft Kennedy moved to a new office space and adopted an open floor plan and flexible seating arrangements. This is a model that more law firms will find viable as they look to lower overhead costs and promote collaboration among mobile attorneys across global offices. Since the recession of Read more…

05 Jun

Brydge iPad Keyboard Review

Jude Travers-Frazier, COO, Kraft & Kennedy previously blogged about an iPad bluetooth keyboard (read here) and as a result of that, we were offered a keyboard from Brydge to review.  They sent over the Brydge+ with built in speakers for us to evaluate. Unboxing and setup were very straightforward. There is a quick start guide included (paper, not Read more…

09 Apr

Kraft Kennedy Consultant Georg Thomas Named Microsoft MVP for Lync Expertise

We are pleased to announce that Georg Thomas has been named a Microsoft MVP. Georg is a Senior Consultant in Kraft Kennedy’s Infrastructure & Enterprise Systems practice group. He was nominated and has been awarded this distinction for his exceptional technical leadership with Microsoft Lync and the host of products that surround it.  Out of Read more…

04 Apr

Office for iPad: What Lawyers Need to Know

Though the iPad has been adopted by many attorneys and other professionals as a work tool, it has still been regarded primarily as a consumer device, for play, while Windows-based tablets have been reserved for work. This was due largely to its lack of support for Windows-based enterprise applications, including Microsoft Office.  Microsoft partially removed Read more…

09 Dec

Solving the Dropbox problem with Citrix ShareFile

Dropbox is great, right? It provides an easy way to synchronize files, photos, and other content across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, and to share it with others. That’s great for consumers, but for law firms and other organizations where confidentiality of firm and client data is paramount, it can present a slew of security, Read more…

27 Mar

Connecting the ECM Dots

There has been tremendous interest in the Enterprise File Sharing/Collaboration market, or as I sometimes refer to it: the “Enterprise Dropbox” market. It pains me to use “Dropbox” in the way people use “Q-Tip” when talking about all cotton swabs, but I do think it’s the easiest way of describing the file sharing market. Ever Read more…

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