25 Mar

Macs in the Enterprise 2013

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about my experiences with working on a Mac.  I used a MacBook Air and tested using different configurations between native OS X applications and Windows with virtualization as well as running native Windows with Boot Camp. Since then, my usage of all things Apple has grown Read more…

13 Mar

Why IT is Losing Control

A recent survey of 60 Fortune 500 companies found that only 25% of their technology initiatives carried out in the past year were initiated by IT. Researchers portrayed this as a sharp decline from previous years. The other 75% of IT projects were introduced and advocated by business leaders like CFOs and CMOs. This raises Read more…

11 Mar

Why Working From Home Still Works for Legal

What’s good for Yahoo might not be good for your law firm. The corporation has attracted enormous attention for its new ban on working from home, giving remote workers three months to relocate to its corporate offices. In the legal world, though, telecommuting is on the up and up, with firms in recent ILTA surveys Read more…

08 Mar

Microsoft Office Licensing Update

A few weeks ago I posted Microsoft Office 2013: A Caveat, addressing Office 2013’s rigid licensing, which originally did not allow users to transfer the software between computers. Consider this Microsoft Office 2013: The Update. In response to customer feedback to it inflexible licensing policy, Microsoft has revised the Office 2013 retail license agreement to make Read more…

06 Sep

Can Site Mailboxes be the Future of Microsoft ECM?

One of my biggest pet peeves with Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint is the utter lack of integration between the two. Using native Microsoft tools, it is nearly impossible to save an email into a client/matter site, or view SharePoint content from within Outlook. It has always required third-party client add-ons; add-ons which aren’t free and increase Read more…

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