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Action Required if running Outlook 2013 on iManage Work Communication Servers

Brian Podolsky

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Action Required if running Outlook 2013 on iManage Work Communication Servers

Microsoft announced the end of support and updates for Microsoft Office 2013 as of April 11, 2023. As a result, any iManage customers running Outlook 2013 on the iManage Work Communications Server for Exchange (WCSE) will be impacted after the April 11, 2023 cutoff.


The iManage Work Communications Server for Exchange (WCSE) requires a 32-bit installation of Microsoft Outlook, formally supporting versions of Outlook up to and including Outlook 2016. Microsoft Outlook 2019 and later aren’t formally supported by the WCSE due to those installers only being made available in click-to-run versions.

The WCSE uses COM interfaces registered by the Outlook MSI installer to make MAPI calls required for converting .eml files to .msg. Out of the box, click-to-run versions don’t register the required COM interfaces. These COM interfaces are required for all WCSE Components except Mailbox Synchronization (Email filing, Mapped Folders, Send and File).


As an immediate workaround, customers should upgrade to Outlook 2016 32-bit, or contact iManage Support regarding a temporary workaround if a 32-bit version of Outlook 2019, Outlook 2021, or Outlook 365 are the only options available.  This temporary workaround approach involves manually copying an out-of-the-box registry value from one location to another, which exposes the interfaces needed by the WCSE.

Longer term, all customers are encouraged to move to Work 10 Desktop’s Client-side email filing architecture as soon as possible.  Please contact us if any assistance is needed as you transition to Client-side email filing with the Work 10 Desktop.

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Source link (login required): https://help.imanage.com/hc/en-us/articles/13920127717403-ADVISORY-Microsoft-Office-2013-End-of-Support-impacts-Work-Communications-Server-for-Exchange-Action-required

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