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Pen and Paper: Back to Basics in 2021

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Inspired by his beginnings as a practicing attorney in the 1970’s, Kraft Kennedy co-founder Michael Kraft has decided to steer Kraft Kennedy with a “back-to-basics” methodology in 2021.

We are pleased to formally announce our new initiative Pen and Paper. ™

“It just makes life easier,” said Mr. Kraft. “Sure, there’s a lot of paper involved and it requires revisiting handwriting basics, but in conjunction with physically filing paper documents, you have instantly created a bit of an exercise routine at the office.”

Studies show that our modern focus on productivity and efficiency, and work life balance has lead to a decline in appreciation for the traditional nine to five. While Pen and Paper is a more time-consuming approach, the many additional hours spent at one’s desk create a natural sense of pride, something modern, efficient, and easy-to-use systems may not be able to recreate.

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When asked about the surprisingly lack of redundancy in the Pen and Paper system, Michael Kraft had no comment.