02 Oct

The Evolving SharePoint Landscape

SharePoint seems to be that area of legal technology that never ceases to tantalize the industry with thought-provoking questions: Can it be a Document Management System? Can it be more than a DMS? Can it be an Email Management and Records system too? Can it be matter centric? What can I use it for? Is it ready Read more…

28 Apr

SharePoint 2010 Extranet Administration Tools

There’s lots of information online about setting up extranets in SharePoint 2010, but there’s not so much information on how to actually manage your forms based user accounts once the extranet is provisioned.  Most documentation tells you to manage user accounts in IIS or with a membership seeder tool, both of which require admins to Read more…

09 Feb

SharePoint Social Media in a Law Firm

SharePoint 2010 comes with many new social features that can help lawyers keep track of what others in the firm are doing, and can help with finding the right people with the right skills.  These features can be leveraged even if SharePoint is not your document management system.

21 May

Fixing SharePoint 2010 Menus on Pages with Flash

In SharePoint 2007, menus in some master pages opened behind page content and Flash animations.  However, there was an easy fix which was to just locate the css style for the dynamic menus, and change the “z-index” property to a high number.  This same fix does not work in 2010 however, and to make matters worse, Read more…

08 Oct

Useful Free Web Parts for SharePoint

Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) doesn’t come with a whole lot of web parts out of the box, but here’s a few handy ones we’ve found to spice up some of the home pages we’ve built.  These are all free and work with WSS. Tim Heuer’s RSS Feed Readerhttp://feedreader.codeplex.com/ Only MOSS comes with an RSS reader, and Read more…