03 May

Mobile Telephony in Microsoft Teams

In the last entry of this series, I’m going to give a short overview of telephony in Microsoft Teams. For in-depth information on Teams, download the white paper below. Click here to read my previous posts about collaboration, chat apps, and enhanced instant messaging. Telephony in Microsoft Teams can provide dial-tone voice service to firms Read more…

02 May

Enhanced Instant Messaging in Microsoft Teams

Continuing the Teams takeover of the Kraft Kennedy blog, this post will discuss Instant Messaging and Presence in Microsoft Teams, the platform’s most basic collaboration feature. Like Skype for Business, Teams allows users to exchange private Instant Messages with each other. While the user interface is very different, all of the previous functionality exists and Read more…

01 May

Chat Apps in Microsoft Teams

This is part of a series on Microsoft Teams. My last post delved into the platform’s collaboration features. In today’s entry I discuss a feature that was never widely adopted with Skype for Business, Chat Apps in Microsoft Teams. When Microsoft released Teams two years ago, it re-branded the space in which its collaboration tool Read more…

10 Apr

Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, the new collaboration software, is making waves as it replaces Skype for Business. Microsoft has even bigger plans for the platform. Its radical vision is for it to replace, at least in part, Outlook, the bedrock of workplace communication and collaboration. More on that later. This will be the first of a series Read more…

02 Jan

DIY Smart Home: A Year-in-Review

I remember watching Star Trek reruns as a young man and hoping for the day when technology would be like what I saw on TV. Fast forward to today. That time is here in many ways. Over the past year-and-a-half, I have embarked on a journey of a DIY smart home implementation, mostly just to Read more…

20 Jul

How to Get Your Firm’s Contacts on Your Phone

Your firm likely has a CRM or a plain old Rolodex to hold your client contact information. Meanwhile, your coworkers’ contact information lives in Active Directory, the contact list that Outlook uses. Some organizations are content with this system. Others want to combine the two. To have employee information close at hand, they transfer contacts Read more…

19 Jun

Check Your Local Administrator Account’s Status with Microsoft LAPS

In the past, Kraft Kennedy has blogged about using Microsoft LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution) as a tool to “mitigate the risk of a Pass the Hash (PtH) credential replay attack, in which a malicious entity obtains a random user’s password hash and attempts to log on using the hash instead of entering the plaintext Read more…

06 Jun

Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Now Available

Microsoft has added an even more mobile version of the Surface to its already strong lineup with the Surface Pro with LTE model. Designed from the ground up, the Surface Pro LTE does not use third-party modules or external cards that often result in mixed results or force the manufacturer to build around the device. Read more…

25 Apr

Backing Up The Cloud with The Cloud

Many firms put a lot of focus and effort into protecting and backing up their on-premise data. They know exactly what data is backed up, how often it gets backed up, and how long the backups are retained. With Cloud based backup solutions, offsite backups over the Internet have become much easier. Tape backup has largely become Read more…

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