Preparing for Events that Limit Access to Your Firm’s Office

From inclement weather to interruptions in transportation, events that keep you from getting to your office are bound to happen occasionally. It’s important for IT to make the proper preparations to keep everyone productive while working from home.

Business continuity and disaster recovery technology (BC/DR) has made it possible for firms to continue working with minimal loss of time and data during and following unexpected events. Kraft Kennedy has helped many firms put together BC/DR plans. Here are some quick pointers for IT administrators and end-users:

IT Adminstrators:

End Users:

While it may be a little late to implement some of these ideas for the impending storm, many of them can be put in place or communicated with little cost or effort.  A little communication and preparation can help remote users work productively during a snow storm instead of having them sit at home watching The Price Is Right and building snowmen.  Though that does sound more fun.