Microsoft Teams Tour

Everyone has been asking us about Microsoft Teams (Teams). We’ve discovered the best way to show off the benefits is to take anyone interested, on personal Teams tour.

The easiest way to appreciate the range of functionality is to jump on a call and in real time, see how you might use the platform for chats, file sharing, video calls and more in your daily work. You can request a 5 minute run through to see what it looks like, or an in-depth tour over the course of an hour. You are welcome to invite colleagues on this ‘field trip’ hosted by a member of the Kraft Kennedy crew. We’d welcome the company, please reach out to us here to arrange your tour.

If you’d prefer to read up on capabilities in advance, you’ll find tips on Instant Messaging, collaboration, scheduling meetings and more in the collection of Microsoft Teams posts below. We also have an in-depth white paper available for download.

Hopefully our MS Teams coverage has been helpful, if there is something you’re curious about, a challenge you’re facing, or solution you’d like to share with the larger community, reach out anytime.

Learn how Kraft Kennedy can help with your Teams journey, here.