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How to Get Your Firm’s Contacts on Your Phone

Marcus Bluestein

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Your firm likely has a CRM or a plain old Rolodex to hold your client contact information. Meanwhile, your coworkers’ contact information lives in Active Directory, the contact list that Outlook uses. Some organizations are content with this system. Others want to combine the two. To have employee information close at hand, they transfer contacts to the CRM or to personal Rolodexes. But entering and maintaining this data can be a tedious manual process.

We found a product called CiraSync that solves this problem for Office 365 users, allowing you to sync Outlook contacts and calendars to your iPhone, Android, or Windows phone individually (for free) or as a firm (license-based). This is a cloud solution, no server necessary. CiraSync allows granular controls, so that administrators can create groups and deploy contact lists selectively. In addition to pulling information from Public Folders, the platform can also sync with a CRM system such as SalesForce to add the contact information of clients and prospects to your sales team’s mobile devices.

If you still have an on-premise Exchange Server, consider CiraSync’s sister product iTrezzo.

If you are curious about CiraSync or have other questions about data maintenance, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments or send us a note.