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The Solution to the Challenge of Application Packaging

Tracy Kraft

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Lacking the time or expertise to package applications has been an industry challenge for decades. Package applications for delivery via automated distribution is the long awaited answer, made possible by AppBakery.

Challenge: When you needed to upgrade your applications to meet a new operating system upgrade, you did it manually via unwieldy Excel spreadsheets (that it was no one’s job to actually maintain) and long email chains that tracked which users were using which versions of your operating systems and apps.

Solution: With Managed Desktop’s AppBakery, there are no more unwieldy spreadsheets or emails. Kraft Kennedy created a solution that makes the updating process better, smarter and faster for everyone involved.

Why AppBakery?

Try as we might, we haven’t anything else like the AppBakery to package application for delivery via automated distribution. The AppBakery is the first solution of its kind, born out of law firms and designed to work for any enterprise of any size. Law is a niche business that’s unique in its software requirements. Your firm needs a solution built to handle that. Unlike most industries that rely on a single specialized app plus the Microsoft suite of applications to get the job done, the typical law firm uses many apps – often hundreds of them. Managing all those app updates manually is a herculean effort, but the AppBakery was specifically designed to meet this challenge.

Having the AppBakery in your legal arsenal levels the playing field for all company sizes. Being a smaller firm with a smaller budget no longer means you can’t have the best solutions
available. With the AppBakery, lawyers at smaller firms get the same productivity tools, stability and response times as large firms are used to having, without needing the same budget.

AppBakery is a web portal that quickly delivers reliable application packages on demand.



With access to over 1,000 application packages that can be prepared for any software distribution tool including MECM/SCCM, Intune, and others, companies of all sizes use the AppBakery to ensure their applications are updated quickly, for an increased level of end-user security and consistent functionality.

The AppBakery also includes Application Portfolio Management and Vendor Feature Analysis. These features provide a single pane of glass for IT staff and desktop engineers when managing the applications in their environment.

Sneak peak of the platform:


Deprecated Flag

  • The deprecated flag will indicate an application has been marked End of Life or is no longer supported by the vendor

Download Link

  • There is a client-specific download link for the application packaged most recently by Kraft Kennedy. The same link can be found in the delivery history.

“Retire” Button

  • If a client has removed an application completely from their firm’s environment, this button allows them to remove that application from their portfolio in order to keep it up to date. There is also export options on this page. NOTE: this button does NOT remove/retire applications from any systems. It is only for management purposes.

Latest Available

  • This column will indicate if there is a newer version available of an application in a client’s environment.
  • “What’s New?” link  – For select applications that we have deemed the most common across our clients we provide release notes from vendor sites. Our goal is to provide a single-pane of glass to view notes such as security patches, UI changes, bug fixes etc.

If you’d like to explore this approach to application packaging, please contact us. If you’d like to continue reading, download our flyer or visit our information page to learn more.