20 Feb

Adobe Licenses, Explained!

This article first appeared on legalitprofessionals.com.    When buying Adobe licenses, one is presented with multiple options that fall under the category of either subscription-based licenses or perpetual software licenses. Here is a guide on how to choose.  Value Incentive Plan (VIP), or the subscription-based license, is offered for clients who would like a year-to-year purchase. Read more…

29 Nov

8 Disruptive Trends and Technologies to Expect in 2018

IT is set to transform next year. We are already seeing the disruptive beginnings of trends that will continue to expand, forcing organizations and their IT teams to adapt. While there are some perils in not keeping up with the times, as with most technological shifts, firms who stay up-to-date and actively look for advantages Read more…

30 May

For the New IT Administrator: Three Key Steps to a Successful IT Transition

When a new IT administrator starts at a firm, the first look at the network is often overwhelming. As a managed services provider, we have encountered this experience countless times. Here are some basic steps that we have found useful when supporting a new client. Document everything. Documentation is often overlooked in favor of technical concerns, but a Read more…

10 May

Manage Legal IT: The Next Strategic Advantage

By John Kogan and Lucas Messina. This article originally appeared on LegalITProfessionals.com.  Modern businesses are hives of activity with many teams carrying out myriad functions to help the organization thrive.  Underpinning this collaborative work in the modern office is technology. Technology Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing the day-to-day management of workstations and laptops, Read more…

09 May

Best Practices for Passwords

Passwords are annoying. These days we need a password for every aspect of our lives, and an effective password can be difficult to create. Once we’ve come up with a password, we can be reluctant to update it for months, even years. For a long time, some have argued for the need for longer passwords over Read more…

21 Apr

Microsoft Announces New Office 365 Requirements and Updates

Can’t say they didn’t warn us. As you may have read in ILTA forums or online already, the Microsoft Office team published new details about their update model and future requirements for the Office 365 ProPlus platform.  Full details are available on the Office Blog site, but the major takeaways are highlighted below: Upcoming Client Requirements Read more…

19 Apr

You’re Going to Have to Upgrade to Windows 10 Before Buying Anything Else

CTO Marcus Bluestein writes about an important issue affecting firms in Legal IT Professionals: Microsoft is eager to get customers to Windows 10. Part of this campaign involved pushing the new system automatically to many users’ home computers last year when it came out. Now Microsoft is subtly issuing limited compatibility requirements for new processors, Read more…

28 Mar

Legal IT Planning- March Madness Edition!

CIOs and CTOs feel the madness all the time, not just in March!  They are constantly filling out brackets and giving priorities to the projects and investments they believe will result in the biggest chance at success for the team–that is, the firm. Comparing the strengths of competing technologies, monitoring the shifts in the market, reviewing Read more…

30 Nov

ASK KK: How Does the Section 179 Deduction Affect My Leasing Plan?

Clients have asked us about Section 179 and the recent change to the tax code. Below, guest blogger Christina Floyd from First American weighs in on how it may affect your technology investment plans for the next few years. Section 179 Update The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (“PATH Act”) extended many tax provisions, including Read more…

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