20 Feb

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 8456 Released

Last month, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 8456 was released. While not earth-shattering, it did finally update the ZTIGather script to fix two longtime nuisances. One I originally blogged about back in June 2013. Better late than never. From the release notes: The following list is a summary of the major changes in this version: -Nested task sequence Read more…

24 May

Here’s What’s New in the Windows 10 Spring Creator’s Update

The Spring Creator’s update was finally released on April 30. Formerly called Windows 10 1803 and expected on April 10, the new version was allegedly postponed due to Microsoft’s last-minute discovery of a significant bug. Whatever turmoil occurred behind the scenes to cause the delay, this version officially succeeds Windows 10 1709, which will reach Read more…

31 Jan

Why Doesn’t UE-V Like My Slideshow?

I came upon an interesting situation recently during a Windows 10 upgrade project. A pilot user on a new Windows 10 desktop reported that they changed their desktop background to a photo slideshow, but each time they logged in the wallpaper reverted to a single static picture. I investigated the most typical potential causes and Read more…

08 Aug

Skipping OS Versions is No Longer Viable

This article originally appeared on legalitprofessionals.com.  For about 15 years it has been a standard practice among law firms to skip iterations of Desktop Operating Systems—go to Windows 7 from XP, for example, or from Windows 7 to 10. As a result, desktop deployments used to be projects slated for every few years. This model, Read more…

19 May

ADK 1703 Meets Server 2016

[Update from Microsoft (May 30th, 2017): Good news! Microsoft has released a fix to replace the drivers signed with old certificates with newly signed drivers.  This should fix any unsigned driver errors in the installation of ADK.  You can read the update and download the files and instructions here.  In even betters news, Keith Garner Read more…

13 Apr

3 Tips for a Mobile, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Windows 10 Deployment

Over the past several years we have seen a clear trend towards mobility. Our clients want secure and consistent access to their documents and applications from any device or location. Such a deployment has become more accessible with the maturation of deployment technology. Advances in administration, monitoring and alerting, and maintenance have also made it Read more…

21 Feb

Roaming Internet Explorer and Chrome User Saved Passwords with UE-V

It is possible to capture and roam user-saved passwords in Internet Explorer and Chrome with UE-V, but first you have to complete a few steps. The first thing to understand is how the passwords are stored and encrypted/decrypted on the local machine. Both web browsers leverage the Windows DPAPI (Data Protection Application Programming Inferface) to encrypt Read more…

11 Jan

SCCM 1612 Tech Preview

The 1612 tech preview was recently released and I thought I would take a look and highlight a couple of the new features coming to Current Branch in the near term. Installer Handling The first item to catch my eye was the ability to “Block installation of an application if specified executables are running.” (Click images Read more…

16 Sep

Configuring IE Proxy Settings in an MDT Task Sequence

On a recent Windows 7 deployment, I wanted to patch the base image during the Build and Capture task sequence in MDT 2013. I decided to reach out to the internet to download all the latest available updates, but quickly found that the client’s internet proxy was preventing the connection to the MS Update site. Automation is Read more…

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