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Checkup? I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Checkup

Kevin Proctor

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SCCM Health Checkups

System Center Configuration Manager is much like today’s cars. I don’t work on my car much anymore. It is so computerized and complicated that I prefer to hand it over to professionals. Likewise, SCCM is becoming increasingly complicated under the hood and it seems like more is added every month.

Just like your automobile, your SCCM may benefit from a checkup. A health check may uncover problems that have compounded over time, especially if you haven’t been in the console since your last desktop deployment. Fact: Issues will arise over time. Fact: Newer techniques and recommended approaches from the industry are continually developed.

Answer the following about your situation:
I monitor SCCM every day for site system issues and apply recommended solutions. (Y/N)
I retroactively apply recommended configuration changes to my site systems. (Y/N)

If you answered no to either of these statements, you may benefit from a health check, even if Kraft Kennedy installed your system. We continually learn and improve our approach based on real-world experience and feedback over time.

Consider these questions:

• Are you using SQL maintenance plans?
• When was the last time your CM database was IndexOptimized?
• Did you know you need to backup the cd.latest folder?
• When was your SUSDB last purged of obsolete metadata?

These are just a few examples of things that are reviewed during a health check. If you are planning your next desktop refresh project, you may want to schedule a health check today. Contact us for more details.