06 May

Automating VMware ESX snapshot notification

Discovering that your ESX hosts have been unknowingly creating open snapshots can be an alarming, not to mention dangerous, event. Third party storage and backup vendors frequently call the vCenter API to issue a snapshot creation of running virtual machines before they grab a copy of the virtual machine’s hard disk – VMDK files – Read more…

01 Apr

How To: Enable Active Directory Authentication on VMware ESX

When managing a VMware ESX host, most functions can be done via the VI Client. The VI Client offers an easy to use GUI interface for management and configuration of one or multiple ESX hosts. That said, there are times when connecting to the Service Console of the ESX host is required. Often times multiple Read more…

31 Mar

ESX 3.5 Update 4 Released

Yesterday VMware released Update 4 for ESX 3.5 and ESXi 3.5. It includes a few new features but no major enhancements. It also has some limitations to go with it that are important to note. Here are some of the highlights: ESX 3.5 U4 does not work with all versions of vCenter 2.5. For example, Read more…

30 Mar

There is no such thing as a free lunch or a “free version” of VMware ESXi

Ever since VMware announced that their ESXi hypervisor would be available free of charge, people have had a (somewhat) misguided notion that there is a “free version” of ESX.  I have heard phrases like, “Can I use the free version of ESX?” which then often leads to questions like, “If I need advanced features like Read more…

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