18 Mar

Staying Mobile with Intune

Microsoft Windows Intune

You may not have heard of Microsoft Intune, the cloud-based software distribution tool—or should we call it a remote assistance tool? How about an endpoint protection solution, or maybe even a mobile device manager? Thankfully, it has all of those features baked right in. On paper this sounds very similar to the features offered by Read more…

13 Mar

Security Alert! eDOCS DM Auto Logon Vulnerability and Hotfix

Today, OpenText announced a hotfix that patches a critical security vulnerability in the eDOCS DM platforms.  According to the communication that was delivered to customers and partners: The eDOCS DM 5.3.x and 10 Web Services application programming interface (API) contains a security vulnerability that could be exploited to allow a bad actor to programmatically authenticate Read more…

11 Mar

Protecting Your DM Environment with Guardian for eDOCS

Society tends to focus on newsworthy, external attacks by cyber terrorists looking to corrupt your data and confiscate personal information. This shifts the focus away from equally as important internal security threats. They are not as exciting and creative as viruses like Cryptolocker, but internal security threats can be just as detrimental. Cryptolocker can encrypt Read more…

10 Mar

Why Do Software Updates Take So Long in Task Sequences?

Why does the ‘Install Software Updates’ step take so long in a Configuration Manager operating system deployment task sequence? Having set up and deployed machines over and over, I’ve seen many a task sequence seem to apparently freeze (or hang) on the Software Updates step of a task sequence. Why does this step take so long, assuming Read more…

04 Mar

Will 2015 Be the Year of Information Rights Management in Legal?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is not a new concept.  In the 2000s, many music and movie providers started including DRM technology into downloads, to ensure the product is not shared illegally or pirated. More recently, coffee maker Keurig announced plans to embed their new line of appliances with DRM technology. The move was a way to beat back Read more…

02 Mar

Q&A With Forensic Investigator Douglas Brush

doug headshot

Last year, Kraft Kennedy launched an Information Security and Governance (ISG) practice, which includes digital forensics, cyber investigation, litigation support and planning, and expert witness testimony among its management and technology consulting services. To support the work, Kraft Kennedy has built a forensic lab in its New York office. Douglas Brush, ISG Director and lead Read more…

25 Feb

The Added Value of Procurement Services

The topic of this post demands a certain question: what added value does your business or organization stand to gain by utilizing the procurement services of a “middleman” to get the things you need? In the case of technology consulting firms, the question is: what added value exists in enlisting our procurement services to obtain Information Technology solutions? Read more…

20 Feb

Lenovo’s Superfish Casts Light on Security Concerns About Pre-Installed Software

A controversy brewed on the internet this week when security researchers found that Lenovo had been shipping laptops with a pre-installed app called Superfish, criticized as annoying, intrusive adware by users, and as a major security vulnerability by experts. Lenovo has announced in response that it will stop adding Superfish to its laptops and will Read more…

13 Feb

Privilege to Lead

Let’s start off with a few assumptions. You have worked hard to become proficient in your profession. You have spent the hard hours studying and honing your craft, and have had success when applying what you have learned in real-life situations. Let’s further assume that you have demonstrated these technical proficiencies to your supervisor and Read more…

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