27 May

Useful Command Prompt Tricks

Some Background The history of Microsoft Windows is a long and winding one. Today the OS has splashy graphics, touch capabilities, tiles, and the built-in personal assistant Cortana. Its beginnings were much humbler and ran on a product called DOS, a command line interface where you had no fancy graphics, just the occasional image made from colored ASCII characters codes such as what Read more…

25 May

Recent Windows Updates May Break WSUS

As part of troubleshooting an issue recently with the WSUS role on an SCCM server, I encountered an issue I’d never heard of before where a recent Windows Update broke the WSUS role on a server. The symptom of this was that I couldn’t connect to the WSUS server through the MMC and I saw a Read more…

20 May

Project Communication (and Herding More Cats!) – Part 2

This is second part of a two-part blog series on Project Communication (and herding more cats!). In part one of the Project Communication series, we discussed examples of non-effective communication and provided five ways to make communication more effective. In part 2 of the series, we will discuss how to create a balance for effective Read more…

13 May

Should I Stay or Should I Go: Rationalizing Enterprise Applications

When deploying new desktops, especially Windows 10, some decisions come easily while others turn into elephants in the room. The easy decisions: deployment method,  OS version, Office version, hardware models. The challenge experienced by many firms is deciding on applications, especially if desktop refreshes have long intervals between them. If the desktop was deployed two or more years ago, Read more…

11 May

Citrix NetScaler and a Blank AGESSO.JSP Page

We have recently been locking down systems to protect them from the DROWN Attack vulnerability. The process involves removing the unsecured SSL protocols and SSL ciphers and has generally been straightforward. Today, however, when locking down a Citrix NetScaler 11.x VPX appliance with a locally installed Web Interface, we kept running into the issue with the Read more…

05 May

When Avoiding Best Practice Attacks!

It’s hard to believe, because it’s still so fresh in my memory, but it has been almost two years since I wrote an article called Remember, the Stuff Your DMS Runs On Can Fail Too. In it I describe how sometimes the foundations of an enterprise network fail and knock your DMS offline. Simple things, like a Read more…

29 Apr

Identity Synchronization to Azure Active Directory – Is It Secret? Is It Safe?

The Security of Identity Synchronization to Azure Active Directory

The Security of Identity Synchronization to Azure Active Directory One of the biggest concerns many businesses have when it comes to expanding to the cloud is, rightfully so, security. And while there are many components to cloud security, one that gets more than its share of scrutiny is identity and password synchronization. On the surface, Read more…

27 Apr

MBAM and Bitlocker Pre-Provisioning During OSD


MBAM (Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring) is a fantastic tool for managing your Bitlocker Recovery Keys and your TPM Passwords. There is, however, an issue when using MBAM to manage these items if you are using Bitlocker Pre-Provisioning during Operating System Deployment (OSD). The issue stems from the Pre-Provisioning taking ownership of the TPM chip and not Read more…

22 Apr

Saving The Day With Disaster Recovery Solutions


Having been with Kraft Kennedy for over 17 years, I’ve seen my fair share of disasters. I’ve had to deal with large scale disasters like Superstorm Sandy and I’ve handled many small ones, such as hardware failure, which are much more common. More and more organizations are implementing Disaster Recovery solutions. However, if you ask them if they’ve ever had to Read more…

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