03 Sep

The Best User-Facing Features in Worldox GX4

Implementing Worldox GX4 should be enticing to current and potential Worldox customers. The fresh, upgraded user-facing application retains its basic functions with a sleeker look. Added features reduce clicks and improve workflow without over-complicating or modifying the GX3 structure. While there are many changes from GX3 to GX4 to be discussed, I want to focus Read more…

18 Aug

The Company Cocktail Party: How I Managed Social Navigation, Sore Feet, and Not Believing Everything I Read on the Internet

A couple of weeks ago Kraft Kennedy held the second in its series of “Cocktails on the Terrace” nights, a party that included experts from Kraft Kennedy and Intralinks, a document collaboration platform. As a junior employee asked to attend, I decided to research the do’s and don’ts of cocktail party etiquette before attending as a way Read more…

12 Aug

What the new Windows 10 Update Paradigm Means For You and Your Users

Microsoft has radically changed the way it handles updates and not everyone is happy about it. Windows 10 home users will no longer have any say in what updates they get or when they get them. This change led to outrage on the internet among early adopters of Windows 10, and we can expect more now that it has been released to Read more…

31 Jul

Nano Server – Big Changes Coming for Windows Server

Computer technology has always revolved around miniaturization. From the early days of computing, the directive for hardware designers and manufacturers has always been to fit more of everything into a smaller package. The fact that the cell phone in your pocket has more compute power than the entirety of NASA when it put a man Read more…

27 Jul

Windows Server 2003 at End-of-Support

Organizations will be finding it increasingly difficult to continue to run Windows Server 2003, including R2, which is no longer officially supported by Microsoft. It will continue to operate but, as of the Patch Tuesday of July 14, is no longer receiving any more security updates or fixes, making it a serious vulnerability for firms that still run it. Talk to Kraft Kennedy Read more…

21 Jul

iManage Splits from HP, Becomes Independent Company

Call it the circle of life. Early this morning, Legal IT Professionals reported that the leadership of iManage has completed a buyout of the complete iManage brand, products, and services from Hewlett-Packard (HP).  Original co-founder Neil Araujo, who has stayed with the iManage product through the acquisitions by Interwoven, Autonomy, and finally HP, is now CEO of Read more…

15 Jul

Security Training: Why Learning Security Best Practices is in Everyone’s Best Interest


We have often been there, casually checking e-mail, sipping on a hot cup of coffee or tea, and suddenly, a Nigerian Prince needs your help to finance his trip to the United States, which can only be achieved with your banking information. Or maybe John Smith, the “new IT guy,” calls and says he really needs Read more…

30 Jun

Apple Watch: A Worthy Smart Watch?

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post about my experience with the Pebble Steel smart watch. Now Apple has released its first take on the smart watch and, as with many Apple Products released in recent years, it’s positioned to crush the competition. However, just because Apple makes something,  doesn’t mean you should run out Read more…

25 Jun

The Complex Evolution of IT

I recently read a fantastic article titled “Understanding IT Complexity” by Chris Curran of CIO Dashboard. In it, Curran states: IT is stressing under the weight of applications, emerging tech, vendors and systems and sans the support of a seamless, flexible and sturdy integrated infrastructure. This complexity is happening as the CIO and the IT function face immense Read more…

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