05 Nov

Our Clients Are Asking About These 3 Preparations for 2016

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  The Top 3 Preparations Leading Firms are Making for 2016 1. Taking care of the security essentials. Don’t leave your firm vulnerable in 2016. End-of-life products are not supported by their vendors and pose significant security risks to your entire organization.  Are you using Internet Explorer 10 or older? See how you can upgrade and keep your Read more…

05 Nov

The vNext Big Thing From SCCM

There have been several announcements over the past week regarding the future of System Center Configuration Manager vNext. The most important thing to take away from these posts is that your decision to use this as a deployment technology was a sound one. Microsoft is not abandoning Configuration Manager. Rather, it is actively improving it and is doing Read more…

03 Nov

Using Work E-mail For Personal Business

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The AshleyMadison.com hack gained prominence in the national news when it exposed cheating spouses on the Internet. The infidelity website leak bared celebrity names such as Josh Duggar, Snooki’s husband Jionni LaValle, lead prosecutor of the Casey Antony case Jeff Ashton, and many more. Upwards of 36 million e-mail accounts were leaked, and, interestingly, more Read more…

27 Oct

Simple and Effective Disaster Recovery with Datto Siris

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Proper Disaster Recovery (DR) has been out of reach of smaller organizations for many years. Most firms have had to resort to sending backup tapes offsite. Everyone knows the main problems with tape backups: finicky hardware and human error (not changing or sending tapes offsite). Datto has an excellent solution that lets smaller organizations have a proper Disaster Recovery Read more…

16 Oct

SCCM, SCEP and Defender – Making it All Work

So you may or may not have heard that Defender is the default anti-virus client on Windows 10. In previous OS versions the anti-virus client was replaced by System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) software when it was managed by SCCM. Windows 10 takes a different approach and is now able to be directly managed by SCCM without replacing it. What does this mean?  Even if Read more…

02 Oct

Redundant ISP’s: The Inbound Failover Problem Solved with DNS Made Easy

Adding a second Internet service provider (ISP) to your firewall allows users in the office to access the Internet in case the primary ISP is unavailable. However, any inbound services that depend on public DNS records (typically ActiveSync, OWA, Citrix, VPN, and publicly accessible web servers) will be unavailable to remote users and clients until Read more…

29 Sep

Security Best Practices: Tricks Attackers Use

In my last post, Security Training: Why Learning Security Best Practices is in Everyone’s Best Interest, I detailed the importance of security training, including the necessity of being taught to “think before clicking” on malicious links and how a security breach can have horrifying effects on your organization’s productivity. In case your organization chooses to forgo the formal training, this Read more…

22 Sep

What Happens When the Cloud Fails?

Customers of a major message hygiene vendor, including many law firms of all sizes, experienced an unexpected service outage recently. Affected firms were unable to send or receive email from the internet. The outage had attorneys and staff looking to their IT departments for guidance. The vendor did not handle this outage well. It provided clients with almost no Read more…

21 Sep

Block These 2 Microsoft Patches to Prevent an Awful Bug

Recently, a couple of our support clients have reported issues with Microsoft Outlook 2010: Email attachments are lost or missing from sent emails, and content from one attachment is duplicated in another. We’ve also seen content from two attachments switch places with one another. Just imagine the unintended consequences of this when sending multiple finalized contracts Read more…

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