02 Mar

Q&A With Forensic Investigator Douglas Brush

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Last year, Kraft Kennedy launched an Information Security and Governance (ISG) practice, which includes digital forensics, cyber investigation, litigation support and planning, and expert witness testimony among its management and technology consulting services. To support the work, Kraft Kennedy has built a forensic lab in its New York office. Douglas Brush, ISG Director and lead Read more…

25 Feb

The Added Value of Procurement Services

The topic of this post demands a certain question: what added value does your business or organization stand to gain by utilizing the procurement services of a “middleman” to get the things you need? In the case of technology consulting firms, the question is: what added value exists in enlisting our procurement services to obtain Information Technology solutions? Read more…

20 Feb

Lenovo’s Superfish Casts Light on Security Concerns About Pre-Installed Software

A controversy brewed on the internet this week when security researchers found that Lenovo had been shipping laptops with a pre-installed app called Superfish, criticized as annoying, intrusive adware by users, and as a major security vulnerability by experts. Lenovo has announced in response that it will stop adding Superfish to its laptops and will Read more…

13 Feb

Privilege to Lead

Let’s start off with a few assumptions. You have worked hard to become proficient in your profession. You have spent the hard hours studying and honing your craft, and have had success when applying what you have learned in real-life situations. Let’s further assume that you have demonstrated these technical proficiencies to your supervisor and Read more…

10 Feb

Review – Veeam Endpoint Backup (BETA)

Introduction In my last post, I wrote about Veeam Cloud Connect.  In this post, I’ll focus on another new offering from Veeam. While Veeam Backup & Replication has long been a favorite of Kraft Kennedy consultants due to ease of installation and job configuration, and intuitive restore process for files, folders, application items, and virtual Read more…

05 Feb

Introducing Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Backup & Replication has long been a favorite of Kraft Kennedy consultants due in large part to ease of installation and the straightforward process of configuring backup jobs, replication jobs, and file, folder, application item, and virtual machine restores. That said, while backup and copy jobs to local repositories work well and native tape support Read more…

03 Feb

Getting a Security Audit? Is Your Firm Ready?

Over the last couple years there has been a steady increase in the number of law firms that have been required to participate in a security audit by a potential or existing client. Let’s face it. No-one likes an audit. But they happen and it’s best to be prepared. Red flags raised during a law firm security Read more…

29 Jan

Four Reminders for Project Management

I have found that there are certain aspects of project management that I always have to remember before I begin a new project. Although every project should address these considerations, sometimes projects get off track or team members get lost. We do not want to get to that point before we are reminded, so if you answer yes to any of the Read more…

26 Jan

Preparing for a Winter Storm (or any other emergency)

The first major storm of the season is upon us in New York.  Fortunately, technology has made it possible to be very productive when working from home during a storm or any situation that prevents employees from coming into the office.  That is however, if the proper preparations are made by the IT staff and Read more…

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