Kraft Kennedy implements industry expertise and scalable infrastructure to provide operational excellence to optimize your legal practice.


Kraft Kennedy delivers reliable and innovative services to help financial companies thrive and grow.



Kraft Kennedy is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with expertise in technology and management consulting, technology strategies, application specialties, technology infrastructure, managed services and proactive support. Combining this knowledge, our focused teams are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients. With over the 25 years’ experience, we have learned that the key to successful IT, is to focus as much on the business needs of the client as on technology.


ILTA 2014

August 17th-21st, 2014: ILTA Breakout Educational Sessions: Kraft Kennedy is pleased to be presenting the following one hour mini-sessions at the ILTA Annual Educational Conference in Nashville from August 17 -21, 2014 in the Ryman Ballroom C, Gaylord Opryland Convention Center. Come learn more and speak to our team!







ILTA Peer Powered

Project Management and Process Excellence Seminar: With the evolution of the digital enterprise, laws firms and legal departments need to revisit their workflows, projects and static business processes in order to streamline, analyze, speed up and make sense of client demands and information. Globalization, mobilization and social media have introduced new forms of competition in the legal industry and changed the way firms need to communicate and operate. The challenge is to analyze what is happening in real-time with your employees, with your clients and within your practices. Static business processes are no longer effective, and firms have a commitment to extract this information to provide cost-effective solutions to clients. Come join Kraft Kennedy’s Project Management Team as we explore how to elevate your firm to the next level to compete in a global market by applying strategic project management and process improvement principles, utilizing the latest project management tools to achieve excellence.



At Kraft Kennedy, we know we've done our best when our clients are satisfied and reference our work. Our clients’ expectations are our benchmark for measuring excellence.

We want every person on the team to be successful. That's why our consultants emphasis working as a unit with each other and our clients.

We combine deep, specialized knowledge with dependable, reliable, consistent behavior. In putting our clients’ interests first, we create enduring, productive relationships.

Client Service:
Our focus is on what will improve the client experience and deliver the appropriate solution.



Does Kraft Kennedy offer 24x7 support for its clients?
Yes, our managed service support team is staffed around the clock to ensure that your problems are addressed and resolved in a timely fashion. Automated alerts that arise in the middle of the night can be investigated and resolved while you sleep easy.
Do you provide support only in certain cities?
No, Kraft Kennedy’s clients span the US (as well as many international locations). With consultants located across the country, offices in several major cities, and a managed services team operating 24x7, we provide on-demand support and scheduled project work from coast to coast.
Can Kraft Kennedy help me address my firm’s security and HIPAA/HITECH concerns?
Yes, Kraft Kennedy’s Security and Information Governance practice group can work with you to understand your obligations, evaluate your current capabilities, and develop a gap analysis / action plan to remediate any shortfalls.
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