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A 65-lawyer firm was having problems with its infrastructure—it had dated, unstandardized servers, a malfunctioning document management system, and was nearly out of storage—and engaged Kraft Kennedy for technical and strategic guidance. The firm had also recently found out that its remote access system was not able to handle most of the firm simultaneously after a flood rendered their headquarters inaccessible, leading to an unacceptable loss of billable time.

Kraft Kennedy was engaged in an ongoing advisory capacity, which began with a Technology Review that led to a host of recommendations. Kraft Kennedy’s Enterprise Content Management group designed a remediation plan for the firm’s DMS, while a consultant with expertise in remote access and infrastructure compiled recommendations to improve the availability of the firm’s systems, both during regular business operations and in the case of another disaster. Kraft Kennedy found that the firm’s servers and network were designed inefficiently, leading to daily slowness, unnecessary cost, and risk of outage and data loss.

The firm consolidated and virtualized its servers as per Kraft Kennedy’s recommendation, streamlining operations and lowering overhead costs for the future. It was in a better position with regard to business continuity and required fewer people to manage its technical infrastructure. The messaging and storage systems were updated and the firm had a more reliable, scalable, and high-performing infrastructure, the effects of which the lawyers could feel in their day-to-day work on the firm’s computers and as they traveled for clients. A consultant from the Support Practice Group visits the client regularly to make sure the technology is operating as planned, and a consultant continues to advise IT and firm leadership on technology decisions big and small.