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Zero: An App to Help Attorneys With Their Email Problems

Michael Kraft

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Email is the nervous system of the modern law firm. It is also a major bottleneck. Almost everything that the modern attorney works on enters or leaves the firm via email, and it can seem like an unmanageable tsunami of information. I have found an app for attorneys called Zero that can help.

In law firms, email now serves as an internal communications platform, a filing system, and a collaboration tool. It was never engineered to do all of this. The result is frustration, confusion, and an enormous loss of time and revenue.

Zero’s approach is innovative—it is a mobile email client engineered specifically for law firms. Zero incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence, all of which resides on your device itself, with no third-party cloud processing, an approach known as “edge computing.” This eliminates security exposure, as no data moves into or out of the cloud.

Zero automates the mind-numbing process of filing emails into Exchange folders or a DMS. AI organizes emails on your mobile device using predictive methods to determine the appropriate destination, automatically batching and filing. Zero also captures billable time from work done on mobile devices that was previously simply written off or estimated. This app for attorneys tracks emails sent, received, reviewed, as well as all attachments, and prepares a complete billing statement, including a written narrative, date, and time, organized by client and matter. These features have the potential to recover a great deal of billable time.

Finally, Zero has a host of built-in productivity tools. It will highlight, for instance, the emails it deems most important, emails that contain a request for response or action, as well as emails you can safely delete or ignore. Zero can also flag outbound emails that may have been misaddressed.

Our clients will find the problems mentioned above all too familiar. That is why Kraft Kennedy has recently partnered with Zero, a helpful tool that we believe can untangle email for attorneys. We are happy to answer any questions you have about Zero and can provide technical and user support should your firm choose to implement it.