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UPDATE: A More Automated ILTACON 2019

Tracy Kraft

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Last year we blogged about our ongoing efforts to automate our ILTACON presence.

We wrote:

We polled the ILTA community on how it likes to receive information. An overwhelming 93% of respondents indicated that they prefer electronic delivery, while the remaining 7% appreciate a hybrid of hard copies/ digital. In a digital world that’s increasingly focused on minimalism and automation, these results certainly make sense.

In light of these not-so-surprising results, we started using Microsoft Flow to take care of many of our form- and paper-related needs at ILTACON.

We’ve found it to be a flexible and easy-to-use solution for designing automated, multi-step workflows across various applications and devices. You can end notifications, synchronize information, collect data—the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Last year, we used Flow to hand out our session and party schedule, register attendees for giveaways, and hand out promotional materials about our offerings.

At ILTACON 2019, to streamline operations and reduce paper (stay tuned for more exciting news about Kraft Kennedy’s environmental impact at ILTACON!), we have built on our experiences and created three new flows:

-If you send an email to form@kraftkennedy.com, a Flow will trigger an email to the sender with links to our Session signup form and our ILTACON 2019 landing page.

-If you send an email to flyers@kraftkennedy.com, a Flow will trigger an email to the sender with a link to a Microsoft Form that allows them to get PDF copies of any of our offering flyers emailed to them.

-One hour before our sessions, a Flow will trigger and send the attendee a reminder email. We will include instructions on how to get to the session location, and any relevant collateral to avoid printouts.


For the curious, here are screenshots of what Flow looks like from my end:

Interested in automating processes at your firm? Stop by booth 619 to chat about the potential automation holds for your firm. Don’t forget to schedule a free roadmapping discussion with one of our architects for in-depth guidance on streamlining IT.