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A More Automated ILTACON

Tracy Kraft

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During our recent webinar, The Insider’s Guide to ILTACON, we polled the ILTA community on how it likes to receive information. An overwhelming 94% of respondents indicated that they prefer electronic delivery, while the remaining 6% appreciate hard copies. In a digital world that’s increasingly focused on minimalism and automation, these results certainly make sense.

We’ve decided to give the people what they want. The team is excited to debut a new technology at ILTACON 2018 that we’ve successfully piloted internally at Kraft Kennedy—we will be using Microsoft Flow to automate processes for a stress-free and reduced-paper ILTACON 2018.

Microsoft Flow is a flexible tool that allows you to design automated workflows without getting into complex code. You can rely on it, for example, to send automatic notifications, synchronize information across systems, and collect data. With Flow, you can create a smooth multi-step process that connects multiple apps and devices. Here’s how we’ll be deploying it at the conference:

  • Instead of handing out our schedule and encouraging attendees to join us in our meeting room for breakfast, giveaways, and educational sessions, we’re prompting them to email sessions@kraftkennedy.com. Once you fire off the email, you’ll receive a menu of sessions that might interest you, and upon selection, an appointment will appear on your calendar, and a map to the location will automatically be sent to you prior to the meeting.
  • Interested in collateral but don’t want to carry it around? Understandable. Our virtual flyer stand solves for that and saves trees. Swing by booth 300/302 to check it out.
  • And finally, here’s an easy way to request an entry form for the Surface Pro Giveaway surface@kraftkennedy.com

We’re just dipping our toe in the Flow, and we’re open to community ideas for other ways to make use of the technology. At Kraft Kennedy, we are always deploying and beta-testing the latest tech so that we can advise our clients knowledgeably. Every once in a while, we find a tool with great potential and are excited to spread the word.