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An innovative methodology designed to help your firm thrive.

The first solution of its kind, your modern and secure Managed Desktop combines the features of Managed Applications and Managed Platform, along with providing functional testing and pilot deployment assistance for desktop updates. Learn more.

Win-win application delivery that unites productivity and security

You no longer have to choose between safe and convenient. Provide a smooth, secure user experience across all devices. Our expert teams deploy built-in protection, with ease of management for admins.

  • Microsoft Windows upgrades
  • Expert analysis, design, and custom recommendations
  • Application rationalization, licensing checks, and compatibility testing
  • Application packaging
  • QA and user acceptance testing
  • MECM/SCCM integration
  • Managed user communications and training

Definitive Guide to Managed Desktop

  • Windows 10 Design and Planning Workshop

    Create the optimal design for your firm. The first step to a successful Windows 10 rollout, our 3-day workshop draws on lessons learned from thousands of projects. Our experts tailor the agenda to your current environment, team, tools, and business goals.

    Request a sample agenda
  • Windows 10 lifecycle and patch management

    Get current. Stay current. Manage continual deployment, patching, and compatibility for your firm’s desktop and mobile devices.

    Learn more about Application Lifecycle Management
  • One-time Windows 10 Upgrade

    Need to get current, now? Perform a one-time upgrade. Our expertise allows us to quickly deploy a Windows 10 Feature Update to any environment while minimizing user impact.

  • AppBakery by Kraft Kennedy
    Managed Applications & AppBakery

    AppBakery is a web application designed to connect clients with Kraft Kennedy’s team of experienced packagers in order to provide fast and reliable application packages. With access to over 1,100 application packages, that can be packaged for any software distribution tool including MECM/SCCM or Intune, companies of all sizes can use the AppBakery to ensure their applications are updated quickly and reliably, fostering a greater level of end-user security and functionality.

    Additional features available in the AppBakery include Application Portfolio Management and Vendor Feature Analysis. These features are designed to provide IT staffs and desktop engineers a single pane of glass when managing the applications in their environment.

    Learn more about AppBakery
  • CMInsights by Kraft Kennedy

    CMInsights is a web application designed to give firms unparalleled insight into their Windows 10 and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (formerly SCCM) environment. Custom built to address frustrations and challenges stemming from native reporting capabilities, CMInsights highlights valuable data critical to effectively managing the Windows 10 environment. In addition to real-time querying, CMInsights also caches certain data for historical reporting and benchmarking resulting in comprehensive dashboards and visualizations that replace, and surpass, those offered by the native reporting mechanisms.

    Current reports include MECM/SCCM infrastructure information, Windows 10 and Office patch compliance, BitLocker encryption status, software deployment compliance percentages, among many more.

  • Continuous Learning
    1000+ legal-industry apps tested in our vault
  • Excellence
    Voted #1 IT consulting firm by ILTA
  • Integrity
    Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 deployed for over 150k users
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