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Added Value

The process of researching software/ hardware functionality, chasing down non-dedicated customer service representatives for quotes and timelines, only to find that the desired features are not included…procurement can become a nightmare. These headaches are amplified with the density of the application stack and hardware requirements for an average firm. Juggling expiring licenses, compliance issues, hardware warrantees, capability conflicts all while keeping up the latest promotions and cutting edge releases requires a team of dedicated people.

The Kraft Kennedy procurement team provides end-to-end hardware and software management for clients, including quotes, purchasing, solution management, and renewal management for your IT infrastructure. We offer competitive pricing for solutions tailored to your unique environment.

Our value is offering a single point of contact and management for all of these challenging decisions and timelines, letting your firm focus on investments in the latest tools for the ultimate productivity in today’s competitive landscape. 

Services We Provide 


Able to provide product recommendations not based on pricing or sales promotions but based on the quality of the product and how well that product will work in your environment.

Pre-sales technical product questions.

Specific knowledge of what’s best for your environment.

Technical consultants you work with in other managed services may know that you will need a hard drive or a printer, but they may not know which hard drive or printer may be the best application.

Post purchase support – Proactive warranty and software renewals.

Leveraging our vendor relations to provide competitive pricing.

Thorough knowledge of vendor programs. We understand how warranty works both on paper and in application.

For example, while you can purchase a Microsoft Surface through Microsoft and purchase a warranty, it is different than the Microsoft Surface bundle and warranty purchased through us.


Collaboration with teams inside Kraft Kennedy for effective and efficient post purchase implementation. 

Software/hardware inventory tracking.

Contact Us

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Client Experience

At Kraft Kennedy, we know we’ve done our best when our clients are satisfied and reference our work. Our clients’ expectations are our benchmark for measuring excellence.

We want every person on the team to be successful. That’s why our consultants emphasize working as a unit with each other and our clients.

We combine deep, specialized knowledge with dependable, reliable, consistent behavior. In putting our clients’ interests first, we create enduring, productive relationships.

Client Service:
Our focus is on what will improve the client experience and deliver the appropriate solution.

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