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Microsoft Office 2013: A Caveat

Nina Lukina

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Microsoft Office 2013, which had its initial release two days ago, comes with exactly one installation in its retail bundle. It is not transferrable. This is an important detail, since some of our clients buy the boxed version.

If, for instance, you break your whole PC in a freak accident and have to replace it, then you will have to buy the license all over again. However, you can replace any part except for the motherboard and Microsoft will still count it as the same PC.  If you buy a second computer, in a more likely scenario, you will have to buy another copy of Office.

This should be an important consideration for those debating whether to subcribe and pay $99 annually for the  recently introduced Office 365, or take the more traditional route with Office Home and Business for $220 or Office Professional 2013 for $400 (not including Microsoft Software Assurance, without which users cannot use Citrix to connect remotely). Office 365 can be installed on up to 5 PCs and Macs and comes with 20GB of SkyDrive storage. If you plan on transferring, you are better off going with the subscription model.

At businesses that already have Software Assurance, users can now purchase Office 2013 through the Home Use Program for $9.99. It allows installation on up to two computers and is transferrable to other machines as well.