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Windows 11 Experience

Clinton Gates

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With Windows 11 officially released we have been using it internally at Kraft Kennedy for a few weeks now. Overall, the performance is excellent, and it is not a massive change from Windows 10. Other than a few small look/feel items, Windows 11 feels very intuitive.

From an administrative point, once upgraded to MECM 2107 and updating the ADK to version 11 (both of which are required for Windows 11 support), deploying Windows 11 is as easy as any of the Windows 10 Feature Updates were to deploy.

We are keeping our eye on how MECM, and any given In-Place Upgrade, can detect if a machine has successfully upgraded to Windows 11. Historically, for each version of Windows 10, we would key off of the DisplayVersion in the registry section below. This now shows 21H2, which would work for any firm looking to go from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Microsoft, however, has recently said, as of October 2021, that they still plan on releasing a 21H2 version of Windows 10. If that is the case, and the DisplayVersion is not unique between Windows 10 21H2 and Windows 11, we will need to adjust our processes and key off of something else.

Our team at Kraft Kennedy will be happy to answer any questions pertaining to Windows 11 and our approach to the Managed Desktop. Please reach out to continue the conversation.

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