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What’s Your Score? Microsoft is Giving Out a Detailed Cybersecurity Assessment

Kraft Kennedy

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The number-one question we’ve received from inquiring law firms over the past two years has been, ‘How can I tell if my firm is safe?’ Our best suggestion? Test yourself! Take this cybersecurity assessment.

You may have checked off your security to-do’s, patched and updated, and escaped harm in 2018, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for 2019. Sadly, hackers and scams are continuously evolving. Our security infrastructure and awareness must grow more sophisticated in step. Security is not so much a project, as a lifestyle.

To help the legal community stay safe this year, we are highlighting this opportunity from Microsoft for a Cybersecurity Health Check Assessment.

This assessment will pinpoint your cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses, assigning you a score out of 100. At the end, you will receive a comprehensive, custom report with your cybersecurity score, expert recommendations, and most importantly actionable tips covering over 20 security points in four key cybersecurity categories:

Cybersecurity Health Check Assessment


As the bullets above imply, modern security measures are all about blending safeguards seamlessly into technology to support productivity and ease-of use. This analysis should help you consider how to get the best of both worlds at your firm this year.

Information is power. An analysis like this offers an excellent starting point for your security plan for the year.

The assessment should take around ten minutes–well worth it, if you ask us.


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