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Currently I am using a Dell Latitude E6410 with an SSD drive as my main work computer.  I also carry an iPad.  I used to use my laptop for all my computing needs when away from my desk.  Ever since I received my iPad, I would estimate that this split is closer to 30/70 in favor of the iPad.  I still need or want my laptop around when I need to do things like document production, remote access into clients’ systems, etc., but every time I pick it up, I can’t help compare it to the iPad.

As I feel I still need to bring my laptop with me, I have been thinking about what my real needs are for a laptop.  It needs to be light, around 3 pounds. I would prefer a 14” or 15” screen.  It needs to be fast.  In the office, it has to support dual monitor.  What I don’t need is a cd/dvd drive or extra power supplies.  I think these last two are the main reasons laptops are still big.

There is a new type of laptop that is becoming available called the Ultrabook.  Intel has trademarked the name and you can read more about it here.  This new design concept has already been successful in the MacBook Air.  When I look at my requirements and the Ultrabook specs, this is a laptop that seems to meet my needs.  There are many vendors coming out with Ultrabooks and I have listed some of them below.  I will likely try to hold out for the 14” or even 15” screen models due out later this year.

Acer S3

Apple MacBook Air

Dell XPS 13

HP Folio 13

Lenovo U300S

Samsung Series 9

Toshiba Z835


As these are all relatively new, the reviews are just starting to come out.  Click here to see a comparison of 5 of these models.  I will report back once I finally get one and share the results.