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Tech Day 2019 Recap: Our 30th Birthday

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Tech Day is Kraft Kennedy’s yearly summit at our New York headquarters. This year was a rather special one, as we marked the company’s 30th birthday.

At Kraft Kennedy we can get immersed in and downright obsessive about our own projects. We need this day when we can share what we’ve been working on and cross-pollinate, so to speak.

The germination of many of our best ideas can probably be traced back to some Tech Day or other. (In fact, we found it so useful that we created Kraft Kennedy University, a conference to which we invite our industry peers).

We spend the day teaching each other in focused seminars, discussing our strategy for the upcoming year, and team-building (more fun and less corny than the phrase connotes).

Here is a sampling of the seminars we hosted for each other (that I am authorized to share with the outside world).

  • Some Enchanted Evening Morning (With Microsoft Teams)
  • Keeping My Inbox Empty and Email Best Practices
  • My Biggest Mistake
  • Go With the [Microsoft] Flow
  • The AWS Nesting Doll
  • Building an All-Cloud Infrastructure
  • Identity, Authentication, Conditional Access, and MFA

Based on what we talked about this year, it looks like identity-based access, cloud infrastructure, and automation are going to be important topics for us this year.

Lest you think it’s all business and tech, we also played Escape the Room, ate an unseemly amount of Magnolia Bakery’s banana bread pudding, and treated ourselves to an open bar at the end of the day.

Tech Day 2019 Recap: Our 30th Birthday
Tech Day 2019 Recap: Our 30th Birthday
Tech Day 2019 Recap: Our 30th Birthday