20 Jan

A Review of the New Outlook for Mac for Office 365 Subscribers

Microsoft Office for Mac hasn’t had a major update since 2010.  Finally, Microsoft has released one.  However, it’s only for Outlook.  There’s another catch–it’s  currently only available to Office 365 subscribers.  You cannot buy a full standalone copy at this time.  Rumor has it that Microsoft will release a full Microsoft Office for Mac update Read more…

04 Apr

Office for iPad: What Lawyers Need to Know

Though the iPad has been adopted by many attorneys and other professionals as a work tool, it has still been regarded primarily as a consumer device, for play, while Windows-based tablets have been reserved for work. This was due largely to its lack of support for Windows-based enterprise applications, including Microsoft Office.  Microsoft partially removed Read more…

31 Mar

Zero-Day Exploit in Microsoft Word Puts Firms at Risk

Microsoft has reported a vulnerability in Microsoft Word that hackers have been using in “limited, targeted attacks.” The exploit is activated when someone opens or previews an infected RTF file though Outlook, or clicks an infected link online, giving the attacker the same permissions to a device that the user has. Though Outlook itself is not directly Read more…

02 Oct

The Evolving SharePoint Landscape

SharePoint seems to be that area of legal technology that never ceases to tantalize the industry with thought-provoking questions: Can it be a Document Management System? Can it be more than a DMS? Can it be an Email Management and Records system too? Can it be matter centric? What can I use it for? Is it ready Read more…

08 Mar

Microsoft Office Licensing Update

A few weeks ago I posted Microsoft Office 2013: A Caveat, addressing Office 2013’s rigid licensing, which originally did not allow users to transfer the software between computers. Consider this Microsoft Office 2013: The Update. In response to customer feedback to it inflexible licensing policy, Microsoft has revised the Office 2013 retail license agreement to make Read more…

31 Jan

Microsoft Office 2013: A Caveat

  Microsoft Office 2013, which had its initial release two days ago, comes with exactly one installation in its retail bundle. It is not transferrable. This is an important detail, since some of our clients buy the boxed version.   If, for instance, you break your whole PC in a freak accident and have to Read more…

19 Nov

Live by the Cloud, Die by the Cloud

Many firms are looking to the Cloud as a savior. From case data storage to email, and from document management systems to backup solutions, practically all firm functions can be hosted in the Cloud. Perhaps the only thing that can’t be is physical printing.  Who said print is dead? The Cloud offers lots of advantages, Read more…

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