02 Sep

Kraft Kennedy’s New Open Floor Plan Is a Viable Option for Some Law Firms

At the start of the year, Kraft Kennedy moved to a new office space and adopted an open floor plan and flexible seating arrangements. This is a model that more law firms will find viable as they look to lower overhead costs and promote collaboration among mobile attorneys across global offices. Since the recession of Read more…

03 Feb

Seven Basic Security Mistakes That Firms Make

Attorneys are ethically obligated to safeguard their clients’ data. In spite of this, there are several important first-line-of-defense measures that a surprising amount of firms neglect to take and some common risky behaviors that many practice. We advise remediation in the following areas to our clients as “quick fixes” they can make to immediately improve Read more…

29 Apr

5 Questions on Data Recovery: Kraft Kennedy in Law Technology News

What if you could boil data recovery down to five simple questions? Five questions couldn’t cover the entire topic, but it’s not a bad place to start. That’s the message of this article, published in the April 2013 issue of the Law Technology News magazine and written by Kraft Kennedy CTO Marcus Bluestein and myself. Read more…

21 Mar

Overcoming In-House Myopia with Technology Assessments

A recent study reveals that many financial executives have little confidence in their IT investments or in their ability to evaluate the success of their IT ventures. Meade Monger, the managing director at AlixPartners, the firm that conducted the survey together with CFO research, concluded that “The message from CFOs and other senior finance executives is loud Read more…

13 Mar

Why IT is Losing Control

A recent survey of 60 Fortune 500 companies found that only 25% of their technology initiatives carried out in the past year were initiated by IT. Researchers portrayed this as a sharp decline from previous years. The other 75% of IT projects were introduced and advocated by business leaders like CFOs and CMOs. This raises Read more…

11 Mar

Why Working From Home Still Works for Legal

What’s good for Yahoo might not be good for your law firm. The corporation has attracted enormous attention for its new ban on working from home, giving remote workers three months to relocate to its corporate offices. In the legal world, though, telecommuting is on the up and up, with firms in recent ILTA surveys Read more…

28 Feb

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make with Legal Technologies

Corporate legal departments should upgrade their technology while being careful and well-informed. This recommendation comes from a recent report issued by the Corporate Executive Board, which offered advice on how corporate legal departments can improve their efficiency. The recommendation acknowledges the value of new technology while reflecting the importance of making technology investments with adequate, Read more…

25 Feb

The Cybersecurity Executive Order and Law Firms

On February 12, 2013, President Obama signed an Executive Order titled “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.” The order calls for heightened measures in the private sector to ensure the country’s security in the face of cyber-threats. The release mandates increased visibility and communication between government agencies and private companies that hold highly sensitive data. The order Read more…

21 Feb

Keeping Up with Legal Technology with an RSS Reader

Keeping abreast of all the important developments in an industry is a daunting task. RSS readers provide an efficient way to keep up with trends in legal technology, as well as the doings of vendors, competitors, and collaborators, and can very well be a source of inspiration for some strategic thinking for your firm.  RSS stands for Read more…

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