05 Sep

Breaking Up and Getting Closure: 5 Reasons Projects Stay Open (and How to Close Them)

The hardest phase of a project is often its most underappreciated. Proper project closeout could mean the difference between success and failure. Why should you endeavor to officially close out a project you’ve undertaken? For one thing, it provides closure to your client and project teams. Everyone can agree and acknowledge that the work is Read more…

26 Jul

ILTACON 2017 Preview: ECM Edition

How is it almost August already? Where did this summer go? These are questions I don’t have the answer to. I also have a number of questions about what we will see at ILTACON 2017, which will be held August 13-17 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. My takeaways from last year’s ILTACON included news Read more…

10 May

Manage Legal IT: The Next Strategic Advantage

By John Kogan and Lucas Messina. This article originally appeared on LegalITProfessionals.com.  Modern businesses are hives of activity with many teams carrying out myriad functions to help the organization thrive.  Underpinning this collaborative work in the modern office is technology. Technology Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing the day-to-day management of workstations and laptops, Read more…

19 Apr

You’re Going to Have to Upgrade to Windows 10 Before Buying Anything Else

CTO Marcus Bluestein writes about an important issue affecting firms in Legal IT Professionals: Microsoft is eager to get customers to Windows 10. Part of this campaign involved pushing the new system automatically to many users’ home computers last year when it came out. Now Microsoft is subtly issuing limited compatibility requirements for new processors, Read more…

07 Dec

Above the Clouds

Everyone prefers to fly on a sunny day.  It’s nice being able to see the roads and cars quickly transform into lines and dots below as soon as you take off. Eventually, urban areas become grids of pavement and architecture, and rural areas grids of farmlands. There’s a recognizable pattern, and that is comforting. You may not be in direct Read more…

15 Jul

Security Training: Why Learning Security Best Practices is in Everyone’s Best Interest

We have often been there, casually checking e-mail, sipping on a hot cup of coffee or tea, and suddenly, a Nigerian Prince needs your help to finance his trip to the United States, which can only be achieved with your banking information. Or maybe John Smith, the “new IT guy,” calls and says he really needs Read more…

25 Jun

The Complex Evolution of IT

I recently read a fantastic article titled “Understanding IT Complexity” by Chris Curran of CIO Dashboard. In it, Curran states: IT is stressing under the weight of applications, emerging tech, vendors and systems and sans the support of a seamless, flexible and sturdy integrated infrastructure. This complexity is happening as the CIO and the IT function face immense Read more…

01 Jun

The Butterfly Effect and Managing Project Constraints

What does Project Management have to do with Ashton Kutcher’s time-traveling, past-changing movie from over a decade ago? Everything and nothing. We can take lessons from Mr. Kutcher’s Sci-Fi film and its core concept, the Butterfly Effect: minute changes, like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings, can have large, unintended consequences. Those wings’ flaps can redirect the path Read more…

06 Jan

Law Firms’ Resistance to Open Floor Plans

Real estate represents the second highest expense for law firms, following salaries. While an increasing number of industries have been adopting open-floor plans to mitigate this cost, law firms have conspicuously abstained. “Cubicles Rise in a Brave New World of Publishing,” a New York Times article profiling publishing house Hachette’s move to an open floor Read more…

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