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Recent Windows Updates May Break WSUS

Christopher Wilson

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As part of troubleshooting an issue recently with the WSUS role on an SCCM server, I encountered an issue I’d never heard of before where a recent Windows Update broke the WSUS role on a server. The symptom of this was that I couldn’t connect to the WSUS server through the MMC and I saw a lot of notifications in the Event Log such as:

This forum post indicates two KBs that were released in April for Windows Server that can cause this behavior (KB3148812 and KB3159706). There’s more information posted officially from MS on the problem here and here. In a nutshell, it appears that these KBs require manual configuration to complete the installation. Removing the KBs in question will bring WSUS back into a functional state, however.

So be careful when deploying monthly security and critical updates to your WSUS servers as you may encounter this issue.