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Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Now Available

Stewart Kim

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Microsoft has added an even more mobile version of the Surface to its already strong lineup with the Surface Pro with LTE model. Designed from the ground up, the Surface Pro LTE does not use third-party modules or external cards that often result in mixed results or force the manufacturer to build around the device. Instead, the LTE architecture was designed internally with proprietary software and hardware that adhere to Microsoft’s demands, rather than the the other way around. As such, the Surface Pro LTE does not look any different from any other Surface Pro tablet, nor does it sacrifice performance or functionality by incorporating external technology.

These Surface devices come with a handful of features that can improve the way you work while on the go.

  • 7 antennas in order to maintain a great signal consistently.
  • Configurable eSIM (Embedded SIM), so no need to worry about swapping SIM cards when traveling.
  • Still features a removable SIM tray in case you’re simply upgrading your mobile device to the Surface Pro LTE or already have a pre-configured SIM.
  • Supports 20 LTE bands which covers service from all major carriers.

These devices come in two configurations: i5 CPU / 4GB RAM / 128GB SSD, or our recommended standard i5 CPU / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD.

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