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iManage Announces End-of-Life for DeskSite, FileSite and IDOL Indexer

Brian Podolsky

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iManage has unified the end-of-support and end-of-life dates to December 2023.

Initial Insight

This week, iManage announced an End-of-Life date for DeskSite and FileSite clients as well as the IDOL Work Indexer.  These products have long been a mainstay at many firms for many years. But it’s time to start letting go and embracing the more modern Work 10 client experience. Fortunately, iManage provided a nice runway to provide customers with plenty of time to plan the required upgrades and retire these legacy products:

  • iManage DeskSite
  • iManage FileSite
  • iManage OffSite
  • Email Management for Outlook and the Outlook MOdule (9.x version)
  • iManage Express Search and Miner
  • iManage DealBinder Add-On
  • iManage IDOL Indexer

The products listed above are now considered to be in “maintenance mode”, before switching to “end of support” after June 30, 2023 and finally, “end of life” after December 29, 2023.

As a reminder, iManage defines the various levels of product support as follows:

Maintenance Mode: no new enhancements, new platform support or features will be added to these products. Software fixes or patches will only be issued for Priority 1 (P1) and security or data corruption level issues as defined by our support policies.

End of Support: iManage will continue to take support requests related to the 9.x versions of iManage DeskSite, FileSite, and classic client add-ons and modules listed above until June 30, 2023. Beginning July 1, 2023, iManage will only take support requests related to the iManage Work Desktop for Windows and iManage Work Desktop for Mac applications.

End of Life: All support articles, documentation, and software downloads for the retired components and historical versions of the applications listed above will be removed from iManage Help Center (help.imanage.com) after December 29, 2023.

What does this mean for you?

This announcement means that you should start planning your next desktop build to include the Work 10 Desktop client. You will likely need to confirm that all of your third-party integrations (such as PDF utilities, Document Comparison utilities, Template/DocID Stamping utilities) are upgraded and fully compatible with the Work 10 client. You may want to consider some end-user training to introduce and teach users about the newer modern Work 10 client interface.

In order to deploy the latest Work 10 client, you also need to be running the latest Work 10 backend components — whether that is on-premise or in the iManage Cloud.  So if you are still running Work 9.x servers, the time to plan that upgrade is now.

This also means that if you are still running the Work IDOL Indexer, you should start planning either a move to iManage Cloud or an upgrade to the RAVN Indexer in the next year — giving you plenty of time before the end of 2023.

Please contact Kraft Kennedy if you need assistance in these endeavors.