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ILTACON 2019 Preview: Desktop Management Edition

Sulabh Upadhyaya

2 min read

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It’s that time of year again. ILTACON 2019 is upon us.

As I reviewed the schedule, I honed in on the sessions that will help me better understand how law firms are making their important desktop decisions today.

Planning my time at ILTACON 2019 also gave me a chance to reflect. Three years ago I did an ILTACON presentation about Windows deployment and management. It focused on the evolution of what we now refer to as the Windows 10 Feature Update cycle. I also made some predictions for its future. Much of what I theorized about its direction turned out to be on point. There were also a few misses, which we all know can happen with technology predictions. In the end, the path to where Windows is today has been both challenging and exciting.

It’s likely that in the past year, as Windows 7 end-of-support approaches, you have either been planning your first Windows 10 migration or, better yet, challenging yourself to get through one—if not two—Windows 10 Feature Update cycles. As Microsoft takes us on this journey of continuous releases, I still have questions regarding how to improve the deployment of the vNext desktop version and how to continually manage the process.

Primarily, I am always trying to understand how I can better:

  • keep my application portfolio current and relevant
  • provide the latest desktop with the least amount of disruption to end users
  • choose which new features to introduce and adopt as they are released

In the end, there is one saying I often return to when our processes and tasks start to seem overwhelming: “everything is figure-out-able!” I recommend that you lean on the thought that good planning and adherence to best practices is certain to make desktop management easier.

With that in mind, here are some of the sessions I plan on attending at ILTACON 2019:


11:30 Look ‘Ma, No Hands! – Automating User Provisioning to Eliminate Errors

2:00 Taming the Windows as a Service Beast – A Blueprint for Ongoing Success


10:00 Survival of the Fittest: How to Win the Windows-as-a-Service Wars (my own session–hope to see you there!)

1:30 The Aftermath of Going to the Cloud

3:30 Living in Our Office 365 House: Support, Adoption, Change Management


11:30 Teams – The Collaboration House that Microsoft Built

1:30 Deployment Times, They Are A Changin’

3:30 Managing User Profiles- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I look forward to seeing many of the folks that I speak with throughout the year. Equally important, I’m looking forward to making new friends in the legal tech community and learning from others’ experiences.

Be sure to stop by Kraft Kennedy’s booth, #619. And don’t forget to swing by the Kraft Kennedy Genius Bar Tuesday and Wednesday evening for drinks and a chance to get some questions answered.

If you’d like to talk one-on-one about your desktop management strategy for the upcoming year at ILTACON, book a roadmapping session today.

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