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How to Reduce your Microsoft License Renewal Cost

Marcus Bluestein

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We help our clients only buy what they need when they go through Microsoft license renewal process.  When we assist clients with their renewal and Kraft Kennedy was not involved with the initial purchase or previous renewal, I am surprised by how often I find that they were incorrectly licensed, and they overspent as a result.

I just helped a client that purchased Microsoft licenses from another vendor 3 years ago.  The cost to renew what they had previously purchased would have been $172K. The client provided me with a current count of VMs, Processors, Cores, etc. for Windows and SQL. After reviewing their requirements, I was able to reduce their quote by 49%, saving them $87,000.

If you are going through a Microsoft SA or EA renewal, we can provide an impartial set of eyes to validate your renewal costs.  Please reach out to discuss.